trial of Julian Zapata Espinosa “The Tweety”, alleged murderer of U.S. agent, Jaime Zapata

26 Jan
Julian Zapata Espinosa The Tweety, alleged murderer of U.S. agent, Jaime Zapata.

Julian Zapata Espinosa The Tweety, alleged murderer of U.S. agent, Jaime Zapata.

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES – The federal judge in charge of presiding at the trial of Julian Zapata Espinosa “The Tweety”, alleged murderer of U.S. agent, Jaime Zapata, warned the U.S. government will need to ensure close collaboration of the Mexican government to expedite the delivery of evidence, and testimony, or else return the alleged murderer to Mexico.

With the presence in the room of Julian Zapata, alias “El Piolín”, who appeared with the aim off and downcast, the judge turned to hear the parties and set position. With a hair cut military style, a goatee and wearing the usual uniform orange, “The Tweety” just listened to the simultaneous translation of the judge’s arguments, the prosecution and the defense barely looking up or a word. “

If Mexico wants to be a partner (in this case), this implies that they give us what we ask. If you do not want to cooperate, we can send the accused back to their sovereignty,” said Judge Royce Lambert. For me to anticipate and to alleviate any concerns or bureaucratic delay in the delivery and translation of thousands of tests and testimonials that have been collected by the federal authorities in Mexico and the United States, to clarify responsibilities in the murder of agent Jaime Zapata.

In determining the position in the first hearing dedicated to presenting the accused and hearing the first arguments of the prosecution and defense. Judge Lambert also recognized that the case is complex – but still must decide formally on the matter – before the body of evidence to be vented, but insisted that above all the U.S. government will need to ensure close cooperation of Mexico.

Judge Lambert is one of the toughest and the most experienced judges in the courts of the United States, forced the prosecution to ensure that the government of Mexico will cooperate at all times: “We are working very closely with Mexico and fully respect their sovereignty,” said Michael DiLorenzo, the prosecutor who presented a formal request for the judge Lambert to declare ” the complexity “of the trial, an event that would allow the U.S. government to have enough time to make and substantiate each and every one of the tests and evidence that federal agencies have collected in Mexico and the United States along nearly year.

In this sense, the government of Mexico has begun to provide evidence and witnesses under the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty, a process that has consumed nearly a year. Indeed, the fact that both the government of Mexico and the United States have enjoyed enough time to gather evidence and submit to the federal courts, was the argument used yesterday counsel for the defendant to request the initiation of the process as soon .

Similarly, the defense of Julian Zapata Espinoza, asked the judge to rule on the “complexity” of the case that his client has enough time to access the tests or refute: “It is almost certain that the court rules for the complexity of the case.

 Among other things it is a judge who is very familiar with the rules and you do not have any fear of the government. And also because the judge wants to prove that the accused have all the guarantees that this country provides, “said Ron Earnest, the lawyer who has been in charge of defending the case of Julian Zapata Espinoza.

“We hope that by April 25, we have a better idea of what evidence the U.S. government already has. And if not, we could postpone it until the month of May, “Earnest forward to confirm the deadlines and the judge set for the process to begin its work and that the U.S. government to become collaboration in ensuring the long and complex requiring help Mexico in a process that could consume nearly a year.

As recently as December 21, Julian Zapata Espinoza pleaded not guilty and remains in jail ever since. The charges against “The Tweety” include murder and attempted murder for the attack on February 15 at noon on a highway that killed the agent Jaime Zapata and injured his colleague Victor Avila, both of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE, for its acronym in English), while traveling to Mexico City after meeting with other U.S. personnel.

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