Eight bodies found on the streets in Monterrey

27 Jan


Violence on the streets of Monterrey

Jan 26th Violence on the streets of Monterrey

MONTERREY, the bodies of eight men were found this morning at the intersection of Aramberri and Martin de Zavala, the first picture of the city, police officials said.

He said the incident occurred shortly after 6:00 am when neighbors heard shots being fired by high caliber weapons, prompting the mobilization of military forces, state and municipal police corps and for help.

When they arrived at the site they found the eight bodies of the victims, who were reportedly carried in vehicles by their murderers to the central junction and gunned down in front of a wall at the place.

None of the victims has been identified, although it transcends the ages are diverse, from adolescents to others even older than 30 years, the only information available is that several had their heads shaved.

The area has been cordoned off by the representatives of authority and the circulation has been closed at least in the surrounding blocks to the streets and Ruperto Martinez Modesto Arreola, while performing the lifting of evidence and the eight bodies.

In addition, to being found with multiple shell casings, by authorities was located a message but content was not disclosed.


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