Navy Soldiers arrest 15 suspected criminals in Veracruz

27 Jan


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MEXICO CITY, – During the arrest of 15 suspected criminals in the state of Veracruz, one person was killed and a soldier of the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico was injured yesterday.

The institution reported that naval personnel on patrol in urban streets of San Francisco Township, Amatlán of the Kings, when they noticed that a group of men tried to flee when they saw the patrol approaching.

Details of the conflict are, according to a statement made by the Navy that resulted in a chase which, wound up with them inside a building where they located other alleged members of organized crime.

Those arrested were identified as Luis Tirado Mata ‘The Shot’ Insurance Francisco Javier Jiménez, “The Paco ‘, Raul Valentin Carrazco’ The virulent ‘, José Ernesto Cabrera Vázquez, Jovani Mérdica Barrientos’ El Gordo ‘and Uriel Patraca Mikeas Resins’ Talamardo ‘.

Jaque and Ernesto Ruperto Sanchez ‘net’ Suarez Bersaín Morales ‘The Chiquilín’ and Martin Aparicio Villatoro, and six children.

They were also secured seven rifles, six short, three fragmentation grenades, a stun grenade, rocket launching tube, several cartridges and chargers, as well as communication equipment and five vehicles.

All the prisoners were secured and made available to the Federal Public Ministry in the state where he began a preliminary investigation.


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