“hacktivists” of Anonymous plan attack on Twitter!

28 Jan
"hacktivists" of Anonymous plan attack on twitter!

"hacktivists" of Anonymous plan attack on twitter!

MADRID, January 27 .- The decision of Twitter to have the power to censor content in some countries, having been the banner of Arab spring, has let its users and has angered “hacktivists” of Anonymous, who call to boycott tomorrow’s network of “microblogging”.

“Starting today, we provide the ability to block content retroactively in a particular country,” and announced that the California company has developed a system of censorship to prevent messages that may be inappropriate in some cultures or states can be read in those places where “authorized entities” request.

The decision has provoked many reactions in the very heart of the social network, where the theme “@ censúrameesta, Twitter” was one of the most discussed.

The suspicion that the company, until now a staunch defender of freedom of expression on the Internet, has bowed to the wishes of certain government censors in order not to slow its international expansion and articles filled tweeted technology media.

“Unfortunately, it is a logical step for a platform that wants to be accepted worldwide. Some companies are forced to make serious concessions in the way they do business to satisfy the whims of business tycoons, secret police and religious leaders. Twitter just do one of these concessions, “the magazine claimed” TechCrunch. ”

In that line, “Mashable” launched into the air the question: “Should governments commit Twitter censors for the sake of global expansion?”.

And, in part, Twitter gave them the right in his statement: “As we expand internationally, we have presence in countries that have different conceptions about the contours of freedom of expression.”

From the group of “hacktivists” Anonymous asks what you would expect from a company they have invested barons of Saudi Arabia and asked the tweeters do not have access to the network of “microblogging” on Saturday in protest of this new policy.

For some users, this decision is a “betrayal” by a company that has been crucial to the success of the Arab riots of spring and achieve “the tyrants die of fear” in 2011, holding the tweeters @ iyd_elbaghdadi.

And is that just a year ago the California company claimed that its aim was to connect people around what they consider important, and that freedom of expression is “essential.”

Richard Walters, the “Financial Times“, try to find the key: “Twitter will be fighting for their users, and not give in every time you run into local resistance, which will determine whether it remains one of the means of world’s most open communication. ”

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