MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon- Mass Murder in the Bar Eternity!

28 Jan


11 persons killed at "Bar Eternity"

11 persons killed at "Bar Eternity"

MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon, January 27 .- A total of 204 people were arrested inside the Bar Eternity by state authorities in relation to the murders of eight men and three women who would have been there just before their death.

In an operation that took place during the Thursday night, ministerial officers arrived at the above Bar Eternity, located at the intersection of Reforma and Amado Nervo.

The police deployment was recorded from 23:30 hours and lasted for two hours. They detained employees and customers who were transferred aboard buses to the facilities of the State Agency for Investigations.

According to a security spokesman for the state, Jorge Domene; detainees were questioned to see if they had information that will help clarify the killings of these people.

Initially 150 people were arrested but, the spokesman confirmed that they had arrested 204, of which 60 are employees of the place.

An eyewitness said, the ministry came with their rifles and cordoned off the area and entered the building.” They took everyone who was listening to the live music,” said the witness, who preferred anonymity.

The bodies of 11 persons executed had a stamp on his wrist with the name of the bar so the authorities established the relationship and performed the operation at the Bar.

Information about the crimes, first unveiled the eight men who happened at the intersection of Aramberri and Martin Zavala. The bodies showed the so-called “coup de grace.”

They were lying on the sidewalk near a house, and witnesses provided different versions of what had taken place at the site in several taxi units to be subsequently finalized.

And the deceased were identified as: brothers, Juan Jose and Ruben Eduardo Trejo Garcia, 22 and 26 years old, Juan Manuel Martinez Galaviz, 29; Diego Guadalupe Ruiz, 26, Luis Enrique Chavez Arce, 25, Saul Ezekiel Facundo Cruz, 23, Brayan Martin Garza Santos, 18, and Jose de Jesus Bermudez Brown, also 18.

Later, there was the discovery of the body of a woman adjacent to the Paseo Santa Lucia. Locals found the body of the victim in a vacant lot, located in Plato Sanchez and Riva Palacio.

Immediately, the areas’ attorney, Adrian de la Garza stated that crimes tended to be related and that he was investigating the matter.

On the night of Thursday, also was announced the execution of two more women in the colony Fomerrey 106, who also would have attended the same business

These victims also already established his identity, the Paseo Santa Lucia is Bertha Veronica Lopez Palomo and the other two: Jessica Cortez Veronica Cabral and Ilse Valverde Jasmine Flowers

For his part, the mayor of Monterrey, Felipe Larrazabal said before the wave of violence that exists in the city he is conducting joint operations in some of the businesses that comprise this area.

Specified to be coordinated between the three levels of government to implement them and will aim to exercise extreme vigilance.

“There are operations that were agreed today we are going to conduct some business in the first frame of Monterrey,” the regional mayor.

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