Drug operators overcome the drought by moving to Urban areas!

31 Jan


Marijuana plants still flourishing in Culiacan

Marijuana plants still flourishing in Culiacan

CULIACÁN, January 31 .- Despite prevailing drought in the north of the country, drug operators design irrigation systems to grow marijuana and opium poppies in small plots to bring drugs into the United States, plus it has detected that the fields of these crops are no longer exclusive to the backwoods, but have started this activity around urban areas.

According to the commander of the Ninth Military Zone, General Pedro Felipe Gurrola, lack of water in the northern states has not affected the planting of large fields of drugs, even so, the military destroys every day about 120 plantations about 40 of which are marijuana and poppy by manual eradication and aerial spraying.

“It has not rained in the mountains and all this has affected both the production of marijuana and the opium poppy, but the people who grow it sometimes manages and move water from small wells or a water births, sometimes up to ten kilometers or more, but much of the crop is temporary and is consistent with agricultural cycles, of production in large quantities, “he said.

Around the town Los Algodones, half an hour out of Culiacan, Sinaloa, military elements conducted eradication of almost one hectare of marijuana fields.

The plants had to have been planted for at least a half month or so, since according to the military, the young plants have grown up to one meter in height, single crop seed is known as lamb’s tail, which is sold for consumption.

In this planting system was installed drip irrigation on a permanent basis, to grow the marijuana plants.

In this case, we performed an operation with about 20 soldiers who took about two hours to cut the plants and burn them to prevent them from being marketed.

This plantation was located air around Culiacan road-San Cayetano.

Production was about one ton of marijuana in the market which black has a cost of about four million pesos.

The head of the Ninth Military Zone said campaigns are needed for people and families, especially in the mountains, know that the patch of narcotics is a crime, so they must avoid, however, said there is a problem culturally difficult to eradicate.

‘Here we have a problem of culture. People engage in the mountains to carry out such activities. It is part of their lifestyle and income, and is difficult to convince people not to engage in that, because, well, if successful harvest, obtain resources that would not get in other crops such as corn, beans or potatoes, “the general aggregate Gurrola.

Operating in the state

On 29 January, it was reported that the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) in “Operation Culiacan-Novolato, Huamuchil” deployed more than 11,000 soldiers to fight two of the organizations that dominate the entity: Pacific cartel and the criminal organization of the Beltran Leyva.

The commander of the Third Military Region, Moises Melo, reported that to date they have managed to secure 15 tons of methamphetamine, 959 runways, 346 aircraft, 687 000 psychotropic pills, 169 clandestine laboratories, four thousand 481 tons of marijuana, and and around 500 thousand motor vehicles.

Sinaloa is identified as the entity that produces and racked most drugs in Mexico.

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