MONTERREY NL- Missionary couple killed in their home!

02 Feb


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MONTERREY. NL. February 1 .- A missionary couple from Texas was killed in her home on the outskirts of Monterrey, a northern industrial city hard hit by violence, said Wednesday the U.S. embassy and family.

The embassy identified the couple as John and Wanda Casias.

Valerie Alireza, the eldest daughter of John Casias, said from his home in Greeley, Colorado, one of his brothers met on Tuesday his father and stepmother died at his home in Santiago, Nuevo Leon.

The family was originally from Amarillo, Texas, but Alireza said his father and stepmother moved to Mexico in 1979.

John Casias was a Baptist preacher and the couple ran the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church in Santiago, said.

Shawn Casias, who lives in Monterrey, said she went to her parents’ home at four o’clock in the afternoon of Tuesday to pick up a trailer. After hooking up the trailer out, went to the house to say goodbye.

That was when she first saw Wanda Casias on the floor. The woman had a cord around the neck and blunt force trauma injury to the head.

In the house the couple was missing computers, a plasma TV and a safe removed from the wall.

The Chevrolet Suburban was there and the first thing Shawn Casias thought was that her father had been kidnapped.

About four or five hours later, a forensic investigator informed her that her father had been found, also with an electrical cord around his neck, in the warehouse of another small building on the property.

Casias said her sister in Dallas had talked with her mother at 11 am on Tuesday and everything was in order. So she believed that there was only a period of about five hours in which everything could have happened before he arrived.

The couple maintained a Web site,, with details about their life and work as missionaries.

John Casias was 76 years, and Wanda Casias 67.

In January 2011, a couple from Texas, whose members worked as missionaries in Mexico for three decades, was attacked at a roadblock in one of the most violent areas of the country on the road connecting San Fernando with the border city Reynosa, in Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon neighbor.

Nancy Davis, 59, was fatally shot in the head while her husband, Sam, tried to flee gunmen, allegedly belonging to a drug cartel and possibly wanted to steal his truck, said at the time the authorities.


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