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Morbid plot to behead witnesses who testified against Hysen Sherifi

A federal judge on Friday ordered a North Carolina teacher to remain in custody until her trial over an alleged plot to behead witnesses who testified against a would-be terrorist.

Nevine Aly Elshiekh was arrested with ShkumbinSherifi on January 22. Just nine days earlier, the man they were allegedly in collusion with —

Hysen Sherifi- terrorist
Hysen Sherifi-

Hysen Sherifi, who is Shkumbin Sherifi’s brother — was sentenced to 45 years in prison for being part of what prosecutors called a “violent jihad” that had conspired to kill people overseas and kill a federal officer.

A criminal complaint alleges that Elshiekh and the Sherifi brothers tried to pull off a plan to “murder and behead” three people who testified against Hysen Sherifi at his trial last year.

Facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder, Elshiekh is on leave as director of special education at the Sterling Montessori Academy in Morrisville, North Carolina, a Raleigh-Durham suburb.

The man listed in court documents as her lawyer, Charles Swift, did not immediately respond to messages Friday for comment.

A longtime friend of Elshiekh’s said the charges don’t reflect who she is “It’s hard for me to imagine that she could be involved with anything crazy or shady. She’s not the type of person to get involved in stupid stuff,” Sahar El Shafie said.

“Anyone who knows the woman would tell you no way. It’s so out of character for someone who is a special education teacher.”

Prosecutors said Hysen Sherifi — a native of Kosovo who is a U.S. legal permanent resident in North Carolina — and as many as eight others were part of a homegrown terrorism ring between 2006 and 2009.

In Hysen Sherifi’s case, officials say that involved taking part in paramilitary training and conspiring to attack U.S. military service members and their families at the Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia. He was arrested in 2009 and convicted in October of conspiring to kill a federal officer or employee, plotting to kill people overseas, conspiring to provide material support for terrorism and two firearms charges.

According to the 10-page federal complaint, confidential informants told the FBI that Hysen Sherifi expressed a desire to hire someone to murder three witnesses who testified against him during his federal trial. He also targeted an inmate who he believed had “defrauded” him out of money concerning his federal charges, documents state.

During conversations … he wants photographs taken, and provided (to) him, of the dead bodies and severed heads,” an FBI special agent in charge noted after reviewing recordings between Hysen Sherifi and an informant. “Sherifi, in sum and substance, explained he wants the witnesses to completely disappear so they cannot testify against him, and others, at any future trials.”

The complaint said that an informant was told to use the photos depicting the decapitated bodies to “convince other potential witnesses not to testify against him, or his co-conspirators, at future proceedings.”

Elshiekh visited Hysen Sherifi in a North Carolina jail in December, at which point Sherifi gave her a message to pass on to someone else, the criminal complaint states. In subsequent months, she had repeated contacts with the jailed man, his brother Shkumbin Sherifi and the FBI’s informants.

Then, in January, Elshiekh allegedly gave an informant $750 as initial payment to kill one of the intended victims. Shkumbin Sherifi gave the same informant the other $4,250 of the agreed-upon fee, the complaint states.

A Raleigh, North Carolina-based group called Our Ummah, “One Body” has stated online that it does not believe the allegations levied against Elshiekh — whom they refer to as “Sister Nevine” — and Shkumbin Sherifi.

“Allegations are not facts,” the group said on its website. “Facts are not known yet. As a community, we have known good from both. We remind the Muslim and non-Muslim community members that, according to the law, both are presumed innocent until proven otherwise.”

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Nicolas Romero-Mexico Children abandoned in the cold by mother!


Three smal children abandoned by Mother

Three smal children abandoned by Mother

In the Federal District it was past midnight, and the sound of the swings, in the park caught the attention of the residents of the street El Catorce, in the colony Nicolas Romero.  

Three children had been abandoned by their mother. The mother had said she would return for them but after several hours, did not appear. Despite them having warm jackets, the cold eventually prevented them from having fun. They were quiet, waiting as told. Amaranta, the mother was not available at press time, her whereabouts unknown.

Clara Sofia is 5 years old, and seemed to take responsibility for his siblings: Jose Luis, 3 and Raphael one. She talked to the neighbors, police and rescue workers, and said that her mother told them to go to see their dad and would return for them.

Realizing they were alone, the neighbors requested assistance from the Civil Protection Unit (UPC) Consulate, located in the Venustiano Carranza. Police officers; Conde Maria Teresa Rodriguez and Arturo Vazquez Gonzalez took over and called an ambulance.

The Paramedics Rescue Squad and Medical Unit (ERUM) reviewed and reported that the children are healthy and transferred them to the Support Center for Missing Persons and Absent (CAPEA) of the Attorney General of the Federal District (PGJDF).

In the afternoon, a man who claimed to be the uncle of the children appeared before the Public Ministry to claim them.



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Houston-suicide after stabbing 4 four year old girl!


English: Rear entrance of the South Houston Po...
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Houston – A South Houston man committed suicide after a standoff with police, authorities said. The man, suspected of stabbing a 4 years old girl, caused a chase that lasted 30 minutes before he hid in his home home, located in the 7900 block of Airport Road, near Brookvalley.

At noon, SWAT officers entered the building, said spokeswoman Houston Police Department, Jodi Silva. They found a corpse of a man who allegedly died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Apparently the man and the mother of the deceased discussed this in a house located southeast of the city around nine o’clock said Silva.

Apparently the child was with them during the fight and was stabbed with a knife in the neck. Police did not say what the girl’s relationship was with the man or why the brawl started. The girl was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital with injuries, but is expected to survive.


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New Mexico- Drug delivery by Ultra-light Hand-gliders

Easy drug transport above the fences
Easy drug transport above the fences

New Mexico‘s southern border with Mexico is one of the main fronts in the war against drug cartels. State and Federal authorities have said in recent years that drug cartels are still utilizing old fashioned techniques to get drugs across the border. But they are also increasing in utilizing new and innovative simple technologies to bring drugs into the United States.

At an alarming rate drug traffickers have developed a Secret Air Force of ultra-light planes to fly drugs across the border often times going undetected as they fly below radar. Authorities have said the low risk, high reward method of flying drugs across the border is something new, and potentially alarming to law enforcement as the success rate is so high. With billions of dollars being invested to build fences, and ground technology to slow the passage of illegal immigrants, and smuggling drug traffickers have adapted as well with more modern tunnels, submarines, and now a secret air force of ultra-light airplanes. The pilots, some armed in the open cockpits, steer the horizontal control bar with one hand and pull a latch with the other, releasing 250-pound payloads that land with a thud, leaving only craters as evidence of another successful smuggling run.

As drug traffickers adapt, so must law enforcementto find new ways to combat these new methods in order to succeed in protecting the massive border between these two worlds.

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