New Mexico- Drug delivery by Ultra-light Hand-gliders

04 Feb
Easy drug transport above the fences
Easy drug transport above the fences

New Mexico‘s southern border with Mexico is one of the main fronts in the war against drug cartels. State and Federal authorities have said in recent years that drug cartels are still utilizing old fashioned techniques to get drugs across the border. But they are also increasing in utilizing new and innovative simple technologies to bring drugs into the United States.

At an alarming rate drug traffickers have developed a Secret Air Force of ultra-light planes to fly drugs across the border often times going undetected as they fly below radar. Authorities have said the low risk, high reward method of flying drugs across the border is something new, and potentially alarming to law enforcement as the success rate is so high. With billions of dollars being invested to build fences, and ground technology to slow the passage of illegal immigrants, and smuggling drug traffickers have adapted as well with more modern tunnels, submarines, and now a secret air force of ultra-light airplanes. The pilots, some armed in the open cockpits, steer the horizontal control bar with one hand and pull a latch with the other, releasing 250-pound payloads that land with a thud, leaving only craters as evidence of another successful smuggling run.

As drug traffickers adapt, so must law enforcementto find new ways to combat these new methods in order to succeed in protecting the massive border between these two worlds.

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