“Czar of the Casinos” raised funds for Obama’s re-election!

07 Feb
Casino Money goes into Obama Re-election campaign

Casino Money goes into Obama Re-election campaign

MEXICO CITY, Feb. 6. – Three American brothers and a relative of Juan Jose Rojas Cardona, known as the “Czar of the Casinos” raised funds for the reelection campaign of President Barack Obama, reports the American newspaper The New York Times.

According to a note of reporter Mike McIntire, Rojas Cardona disappeared in 1994 when he was charged in Iowa on charges related to drug trafficking and fraud, and has since sought a pardon from the U.S. government.

But it also cites a 2009 cable from the State Department, which states “that Rojas Cardona is suspected of orchestrating the murder of a rival business and making illegal campaign donations to Mexican authorities,” for which there is no indication any identity.

The paper explains that when requesting information about the operation of the Rojas family for raising funds, the office said he did not know the link between the Leticia brothers, Carlos and Alberto with Juan Jose, and later claimed to have returned more than $ 200,000 that had been delivered.

In the extensive article is detailed than last year, Carlos Rojas asked by Gordon Fisher, former president of the Iowa Democratic Party a pardon for his brother, an initiative which failed.

In the fall, precisely, Rojas Cardona “out of nowhere arrived in the political sphere” and began to raise money for the Democratic Party.

Alberto and Carlos would have given up to $30,800 dollars to the Democratic National Committee and another amount to an account of the party. Leticia Rojas Cardona gave $ 13,000 in Tennessee, and another relative in Illinois donated $12,600 dollars, records show.

Campaign officials told the newspaper that most of the money raised by the brothers Cardona came from his own pocket and the other family members.

The diary describes part of the story of Juan Jose Rojas Cardona and allows for the defense that makes him one of his sisters, Sarah Westall, married to Gabriel Rojas.

“Based on the questions raised, we will return the contributions of these individuals and other donors to the campaign,” he told The New York Times, Ben LaBolt, a spokesman for the Obama campaign.

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