Brazil requests censor comments on Twitter

08 Feb
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The U.S. government filed a civil action against the social network Twitter, so that the tweeters do not advise the location and hours of traffic controls

SAO PAULO, Feb. 7. – The Advocate General of the State of Brazil (AGU) filed a civil action against the Twitter social network in order to block the user accounts that warn of the location and hours of traffic controls in central state of Goias.

The agency filed the action before the Regional Court in late January against the account holders and against the popular social network on the grounds that the houses which undermine road safety, Efe said a source at the AGU.

The institution believes that the “behavior of Twitter and others involved directly attacks the life, safety and property of people in general,” a UN statement.

AGU’s action, which includes a request from the Office of the Union in Goiás, demands that Twitter “immediately stop” the accounts that warn of the existence of radar and “final lock” any other to provide information on dates, times and places where roadblocks are placed traffic.

The state’s attorneys argue that the controls are not only important to prevent accidents, but also to prevent crimes like car theft, illegal possession of arms and drug trafficking and call for the imposition of a fine of 500 thousand reais (about 290 000 697 U.S. dollars) in case of default.

Also, saying that through notices distributed by the account holders are being violated provisions of the Criminal Code and the highway code in Brazil.

The action filed, which is still sub judice, the letter was based on several technical studies from different institutions including the traffic police and the National Confederation of Municipalities (CNM).

According to the list of the 50 municipalities with the largest absolute numbers of accidents developed by CNM, Goiania, capital of Goiás, took seventh place with an average of 329 deaths per year between 2005 and 2007, a figure that places it above most populated cities such as Salvador, Recife and Porto Alegre.


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