‘Operation Hammer ‘, a multinational effort against drug trafficking

10 Feb

MIAMI, Feb. 9. – The United States Southern Command confirmed today the participation of troops in ‘Operation Hammer ‘, a multinational effort against drug trafficking and organized crime off the coast of Central America.

In the operation the combined forces of the Southern Command and 12 other countries in the hemisphere

Trafficking routes into USA
Trafficking routes into USA

and Europe. Unity in Miami said that “the U.S. contribution to the multinational operation detection, surveillance and interdiction includes Navy ships and Coast Guard, as well federal and corporate aircraft security units.

The mission of Operation Hammer is to detect and intercept the routes used by drug traffickers, both in parallel drug trade and weapons and money laundering. “Over 80 percent of the cocaine is destined for the United States is transported by sea, using coastal routes through Central America, “said General Douglas Fraser, commander of the Air Force Southern Command in a statement.”

By working with our partner nations, we intend to terminate its operations by limiting their ability to use Central America as a transit zone, “he explained.” The illicit trade threatens the safety and welfare of the citizens of each country and has a negative influence on regional and national security, “said Fraser.

According to the statement, Operation Hammer is a critical component of the U.S. government’s strategy for coordinated security between regional agencies to support the White House strategy to combat transnational organized crime. addition United States, participating in Operation Hammer military Belize, Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, Spain, France, Guatemala, Holland, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and the UK.

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