Monterrey – north of the city has become a “dumping ground” of bodies,

14 Feb
Monterrey Noth of the city is a dumping ground for bodies
Monterrey North of the city is a dumping ground for bodies

For the authorities, the area north of the city has become a “dumping ground” of bodies, executions and uprisings.

Monterrey, NL The violence in the north of Monterrey for control of the “territory” between rival criminal groups, specifically in the Valley neighborhood of Santa Lucia, yesterday claimed five more victims, including a policeman in active San Nicolas and two innocent people.

In recent weeks the violence generated by organized criminal groups that operate specifically in this area, including the said colony and other nearby sites above has claimed the lives of the phenomenon about 18 people, including men and women who have been riddled with virtually commands of heavily loved.

For the authorities the north of the city has become “dump” for bodies, executions and uprisings, which every day has been increasing, it is noted that on Sunday assassins for organized crime executed a man who left a narco pinta, including executions.

Also on Saturday, Warden Aztlán was executed by the same artery that gunned down two drivers and seriously injured another.

Early research conducted by elements of the state police, indicate that around 17:00 pm yesterday, the intersection of Emiliano Zapata and Magana, of that colony, an armed group attacked the police in San Nicolas , identified as Daniel Alejandro Alonso Ramirez, 28, when he washed his truck, leaving him severely injured.

In the same vehicle family rushed Alejandro Ramirez, who upon entering the University Hospital, died from the shooting of a firearm.

In the place and on the street Emiliano Zapata was a man without a life of approximately 35 years old, who wore jeans, shirt and shoes, who was not identified and received several high-caliber bullets.

According to figures provided by some witnesses, the person who was dead in the street above, was unconnected with the facts, so that the strength of the PME trying to investigate itself really had nothing to do with the events.

A source close to the facts stated, that according to some versions of residents from the area, the armed group was traveling in at least two vehicles and walk to see the police shot him dead, where he was severely injured in the first instance.

Meanwhile a person passing by the scene, was hit by bullets, unfortunately died at the scene, but until the time was identified by authorities who were investigating.

Three executed, ONE WAS INNOCENT.

Moments later, on Calle Augusto Gomez from Valles colony of Saint Lucia, two people were executed inside a home, while a third fatality was the farm and it is presumed that was alien to the attack.

Ministerial Police rushed to the scene of the triple execution, starting with the investigations, and interrogating the residents from the area on the events yesterday afternoon.

Two of those executed were inside the house marked with the number 7701, Augusto Gomez Street, loa which were riddled with bullets with high-powered weapons, they so far had not been identified.

A source close to the investigations, said that the deceased were 70 and 45 years respectively, which were in what is virtually the room of the home where they lived.

While a third person, which was outside the home and who upon hearing the shots tried to reach safety, was shot leaving the body on the sidewalk next to a planter.

Meanwhile the strength of the forensic services department of the Attorney General’s Office, arrived at the scene, who collected high caliber caps, then ask the public prosecutor, who brought the bodies to the amphitheater of the University Hospital where they necropsied of applicable law.


An elderly man, who used to shine shoes, was executed by an armed band traveling in two vehicles on the road Cadereyta-Allende, in the town of Cadereyta.

The execution was reported shortly after 16:30 pm yesterday, on the boulevard Alfonso Martinez Dominguez and warrant to Allende, a place which was attended by agents of the state police and state police.

The person about 60 years old, who until now had not been identified, had five .40 caliber bullets in the thorax.

Expertise in the PGJE, collected the caps, then the public prosecutor attached to the municipality of Cadereyta, asked that the body moved to the amphitheater of the University Hospital, where he performed the autopsy of applicable law.

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