MEXICO CITY – PGR official arrested linked to Los Zetas Cartel

17 Feb

Claudia Gonzalez was apprehended, a sub-delegate in Coahuila, Marisela Morales reiterated that they continue Operation Clean Sweep

As part of Operation Clean Sweep , the PGR arrested Claudia Gonzalez Lopez, Coahuila sub-delegated in this federal agency, to be working for the crime of Los Zetas , confirmed Attorney General Marisela Morales .


PGR Official who was working for Los Zetas Cartel arrested

PGR Official who was working for Los Zetas Cartel arrested

“Yesterday morning just before dawn, Claudia Gonzalez Lopez was arrested, she was in charge of a sub-delegation of Saltillo, Coahuila, the PGR and we are taking a combative step against all the corruption that affects at all levels in our own agency, “said the head of the PGR.

The federal agency Interviewed in the hangar said: “We are the first to set an example and we record the fight we are taking on the federal agents and prosecutors.”

Interviewed before boarding a plane that would take her to Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, indicated that they have solid evidence that the former employee of the PGR worked for the crime, plus they have yet to be completed at least eight other arrest warrants against the cell to which belonged the former official.

She “(Worked) for the Zetas, we strongly believe in punishing those inside the Government who betrayed the trust, and whoever, will be punished and we will continue to seek out those persons, “reiterated Morales Ibáñez.

The attorney said the former official of the PGR and is imprisoned, since early on Thursday complimented the arrest warrant on charges of organized crime and corruption.

“What crime was organized together with other people, other than those I can not tell because some of them are about to be arrested, the others are not of the institution, Gonzalez was the only group that was recorded, it itself was a people who were protecting, “revealed the head of the PGR.

Marisela Morales said that to carry out the arrest warrant of the federal official conducted a full investigation and obtained a judge’s warrant, no arrest: “It was a very important research conducted by the holder of the Deputy Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime, Cuitlahuac Salinas as more people are detained and we make it known publicly, will be talking to you to give the details, “he said.

Confirmed that they were also removed from their posts 20 regional commanders of the Federal Investigation Agency for failing to pass the examinations of trust and some are looking for links to the crime.


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