CUERNAVACA, a new criminal organization has begun a war for the drug market.

18 Feb

The attack on a bar in Temixco, where one person was killed, was in response to a massacre of February 15, according to the investigations.

CUERNAVACA, February 18. – Two years after the Soldiers of the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico swooped in in this city, the Arturo Beltran Leyva groups that originally started the contest for the place was thwarted, but a new criminal organizationhas begun a war for the drug market.

The beginning of a new criminal Organization
The beginning of a new criminal Organization

After two years of killings, disappearances, kidnappings, shootings, burning of homes and businesses, called the South Pacific Cartel (CPS) who commanded Radilla Julio Hernandez aka “The Black”, was disbanded and its leader put behind bars accused of being responsible for the killing of Juan Francisco Sicily and six others.

The CPS was the organization in Cuernavaca through which Hector Beltran Leyva sought to seize the square, to avenge the death of his brother and kill Edgar Valdes Villareal aka “La Barbie,” who was blamed for the capture of Arthur Beltran in Cuernavaca.

The other side linked with Barbie also suffered casualties, after their leader Ulises Gonzalez Martinez, aka Mojo , was killed by agents of the Federal Police in the neighborhood of Tlaltenango, on June 7, resulting in an apparent decrease in violence, which lasted just under two months.

Now, the criminal organization The Reds and formerly known as The Warrior Pelones , reorganized small scattered cells of the followers of the Barbie and began to control criminal activities in the metropolitan area of Cuernavaca.

According to investigations by the authorities, La Familia Michoacana settled in Cuautla, where he began to have a presence in the state and now has challenged the Reds to a new struggle for Morelos Square, a place that previously was considered a white area, ie , a rest of bosses, where there were only low-profile criminal activities so as not to heat the place.

The new declaration of war came on Wednesday February 15 when an armed commando left six dismembered bodies on the free road Cuernavaca-Cuautla, in the same place he left a message threatening one of the alleged ringleaders of the Reds .

The answer was not long in coming, since the criminal group known as The Reds shot the entrance to a bar and killed an employee guarding the main entrance, in response to six people multihomicidio perpetrated on Wednesday in the town of Yautepec As is clear from the messages left in place.

This is despite the strengthening of Joint Operations Bases (BOM). This armed group started a shootout in the town of Temixco, culminating in the death of a person, where he left a message to challenge the criminal group known as La Familia Michoacana.

The facts pointed to the village in the municipality of Acatlipa Temixco on the free highway to Acapulco Cuernavaca, where the attack took place after midnight at the bar called El Tapatio.

In the place were more than 12 plain gauge known as c 7.62 uerno goat , as well as an alleged message was left near the body identified as Manuel Yanez Campuzano, security guard at the bar.

After the attack, there was a strong police mobilization in the area, even during the course of the day were conducted several raids in hotels and real estate, suspects, where they could shelter the killers of these criminal organizations.

Soldiers went to the scene of the municipal police, state, federal and military, who guarded the area while experts from the State Attorney research first.

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