Los Angeles and Culver City- PCP worth nearly $ 100 million seized

18 Feb

Los Angeles PCP worth nearly $ 100 million was seized in Los Angeles and Culver City and two suspects were arrested this week in what authorities categorized as an important seizure of drug traffickingorganization operating throughout the country.

$387 Thousand dollars seized

$387 Thousand dollars seized

The suspects, Darryl Dwayne Burton and La Gina Huckaby, were arrested Wednesday after an investigation that lasted a month, as announced Lt. Scott Fairfield Apprehension Unit of the Interagency Metropolitan Police of Los Angeles, known as THE IMPACT.

The officers found packages containing gallons of PCP in the hands of suspects and then obtained search warrants to inspect various locations where they believed the drug gang operated. Authorities discovered a total of nearly 130 gallons of PCP, which is the chemical name for PCP, homes and warehouses where they made the search, along with $ 389,000 in cash, two assault rifles and enough chemicals to produce about 500 additional gallons of PCP.

The 130 gallons of “finished product” seized by investigators are sufficient to produce 10 million individual doses sold at more than $ 10, said Fairfield. It is believed that this business of drug trafficking operations in Texas, New York and Washington, DC, as well as in other cities throughout the country.


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