three Cartel leaders transferred to Puente Grande, after violent day in Apodaca

22 Feb


Riots at Apodaca, Nuevo Leon

Riots at Apodaca, Nuevo Leon

The PGR reported this morning that the prisoners aka, The Junior, Jose Angel Vega and Francisco Gámiz Raul Hernandez, The Stranger were transferred to Puente Grande.

The Attorney General’s Office, in conjunction with the Army finalized the transfer of three inmates from the prison in Apodaca, Nuevo Leon, Puente Grande, Jalisco, whose operating triggered yesterday a violent day in and out of prison Monterrey.

These are internal Quiroga Marcos de Leon, Commander Chabelo, Mario Andres Rios Alcorta, The Junior , and Jose Angel Vega and Francisco Gámiz Raul Hernandez, The Stranger.

At a press conference to read a statement, Assistant Attorney General Criminal Process Control of the PGR, confirmed that the transfer operation of the three defendants was in compliance with the order of a judge.

She explained that at about 1:30 am this morning was received by Apodaca to the above internal and already in Puente Grande.

He explained that yesterday, at the edge of 19:00 hours, arrived at the penitentiary Apodaca employees involved in the transport of prisoners, at the time when violence was at its peak inside and outside the prison.

He indicated that the cars that make up the criminal 216/2011-V, the Third District Judge in Criminal Matters in Nuevo Leon instructed trial of these persons for offenses of possession of firearms and possession of cartridges for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces.

The official of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) said they were also charged with drug crimes in the form of drug dealing, in its variant of possession for purposes of trade.

He explained that pursuant to the execution made by the Seventh Circuit Court of the Third Assistant Center Region based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, on 16 February this year the reference judge issued an arrest warrant them for the crime of crime organized.

He said that on day 20 of the case the judge ordered the transfer of the three defendants to any of the Social Rehabilitation Centres Maximum Security, declining jurisdiction in favor of any of the judges of crime where there is a Federal Center for Social Rehabilitation ( Cefereso).

This, he said, arguing that it lacks jurisdiction to continue hearing the facts, so the judge instructed the Federal Public Ministry staff to carry out the transfer of the accused.

Jimenez Pacheco said that for this reason on 20 February, the representative office of the federation established the links of coordination with government authorities of Nuevo Leon that have responsibility for the Centre for Social Reintegration of Apodaca.

Nevertheless, he said, was not achieved the transfer of three death row because the PGR was informed that there was a riot inside the prison, so that federal forces had to provide perimeter security at the request of state authorities .

The official said that, to fulfill the agreement, ministerial staff, accompanied by federal forces, was presented Tuesday at Apodaca criminal inmates to receive and carry out the shipment ordered by the judicial authority.

Jimenez Pacheco stated that the delivery of the three defendants found at 1:30 am on Wednesday and were taken to the Federal Center for Social Rehabilitation of Puente Grande, Jalisco, where they were interned!

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