MORELOS- Govt denies Narco traffickers in control!

28 Feb
MORELOS controlled by Narco gangs

The Government denies that 97 percent of Morelos is controlled by the narco traffickers

Government Secretary of Morelos, Sergio Hernandez Oscar Benitez responded to CIGRAS revealed by the PGR

MORELOS, February 27. – The Secretary of Government of Morelos, Sergio Hernandez Oscar Benitez, denied that 97 percent of the territory of Morelos under the control of drug trafficking gangs, after figures released by the PGR, which is the state indicated by the Republic where criminal groups have gained greater national presence.

The state official said, “these figures should be reviewed, based on that issue do not have any official communication to the state to bring any of the information in this regard, this data is offered through a communication medium we will be reviewing, input of course not share it. “

However, said he would review the figures thrown in the study published in a national newspaper, which did not match the data you have security institutions in Morelos.

According to a newspaper of national circulation, provides that Morelos has been homicides linked to organized crime, almost 97 percent of the municipalities, unlike other entities, where criminal activities are mainly concentrated in urban centers.

This morning the security cabinet met in Morelos house, where they say the government secretary, the key issues were the follow up and continuity to the presentation of the police creditable.

The other two issues are related to safety in the state, are monitoring and proceed to the tests of control and confidence, as well as indicators of the National Security Council prior to this meeting to be held next Wednesday.

They also reviewed the operations of the Ministry of Security and the Office of Morelos, in order to establish the strengthening of these corporations on preventive measures, which have applied since the year began in the state.

Italian SHOT

Meanwhile, at 11: 20 am, just after the meeting between members of the Security Cabinet, in the same colony Vista Hermosa, where the official residence of the government of Morelos, a guy came in and shot five times a diner.

According to early data released by the authorities, an Italian citizen was shot three times in once in the leg, and twice in the abdomen, by a person inside a cafe on the Avenida Rio Mayo, in a mall.

The victim was identified as Anielo Seguino, 52, who was transferred to a private clinic a few blocks from the mall, where it was reported that the victim was in serious condition but stable.

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