Five people Killed at the port of Acapulco

29 Feb
Del-Ton AR-15
Del-Ton AR-15 (Photo credit: terminal_illusion)

Five people Killed at the port of Acapulco

The two gunmen fled to an unknown destination in less than 48 hours there were three attacks on carriers

Despite the safe operating zone in Guerrero, on Tuesday five people were killed in two different events at the port of Acapulco, two of them on a city bus and three in housing units.

According to police reports, at 8:00 am on Avenida Ruiz Cortines on the corner a city bus was stopped by two armed men with sticks, who argued with the driver and his assistant, then fired on the driver and his helper killing them with 45-caliber pistol shots.

The driver was about 25 years old, and his assistant was about 18 years of age.

The two gunmen fled to an unknown destination were three more attacks against bus carriers that left four people dead in less than 48 hours.

Then at 18:00 pm at the Colony High Progress, three men were shot to death with an AR-15 rifle, near a restaurant called “The Bell”.

The incident occurred on the street “walk the glen,” at a preschool were the bodies of two people were identified, a little later the body of another person was found on the street. They found shell casings from an AR-15 rifle, but no other evidence or the attackers.

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