laws against femicide; the killing of women because of gender

03 Mar
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Currently, there are 10 states in the country which have laws against femicide; the killing of women because of genderUNITED NATIONS, March 2. – 2012 could be established as the year for legislation against femicide in the laws of the 32 states of Mexico, real progress in reducing violence against the female population, as estimated today by the National Institute for Women (NIW.)

“We hope this (is) year. The goal is that this year we have legislated femicide (killing of women based on gender,) in all states of the country, “said the president of Inmujeres, Rocio Garcia Gaytan, after attending the Commission on the Status of Women in the UN, which began this week and will close on March 9.

She explained that such laws are to be responsible for punishing the femicides, local law enforcement crimes, regardless of the progress of federal legislation in this area already approved in the House of Representatives and the Senate revised.

Currently, there are 10 states in the country which have laws against femicide the killing of women based on gender, though each state has focused its efforts in a particular way.

Garcia Gaytan highlighted the case of Chihuahua, Ciudad Juarez, where cundieron femicides in the 90’s, where local law does not contemplate this crime in itself but increases the penalties for the murders of women.

The official acknowledged why need progress on the “harmonization of laws'” to the definition of femicide, as well as “the approval of administrative records” of the crimes committed against women.

Improve the criteria needed to catalog the crimes against women, because the records do not include causes, ages and circumstances of the crimes, making it impossible to determine accurately the number of femicides in Mexico, he said.

He said that information given to a civil partnership by government officials in Nuevo Leon, for example, considered femicides death of 50 women in the fire of Casino Royale, an incident which is not classified as a homicide by gender.

“We have much work in this area, but whenever there is a case of high-profile femicide increased social pressure to move forward,” said Garcia Gaytan.

During his participation in the Commission on the Status of Women UN, the official also shared the progress made by Mexico in the SUM program, which aims to increase participation of women in politics.

The project, whose training has already benefited four thousand women in 14 states of Mexico, is one of 10 UN-sponsored by Women in the world for his relevance

The goal is for a period of three years, to double the number of halls in Mexico ruled by women, and inclusion of local parliaments to ensure that female state legislators are representing at least 30 percent of the congresses.

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