Is Osama Bin Laden in the U.S.? fact or myth!

06 Mar

Is Osama Bin Laden in the U.S.?

According to WikiLeaks, the corpse of the leader of Al Qaeda was not thrown into the sea, but brought to America and is held by the CIA

Who's lying? Buried at Sea or at the CIA

Who's a liar? Buried at Sea or at the CIA

LONDON, March 5. – The site WikiLeaks leaks on the U.S. Company Stratfor reveal that the body of the leader of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, was not released to the sea and would be held by the United States.

One of the more than five million emails to Stratfor, which began to spread last week in the WikiLeaks page ensures that the body was not thrown overboard, but was sent to the U.S. military morgue at Dover, said Monday Today Pakistan .

In its online edition, the Pakistani newspaper said according to the secret archive of the U.S. company, Bin Laden’s body had been secretly taken by a plane of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) following his death last May.

The head of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda was killed on May 1, 2011 at his home in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, in a military operation by U.S. Special Forces, after much research of intelligence.

The Secrets

The information is based on electronic correspondence Stratfor, filtered by WikiLeaks in complicity with the hacker group Anonymous, submitted on May 2, after U.S. President Barack Obama announced to the world the death of Bin Laden.

In an email sent at 05:26 GMT the May 2, vice president of Stratfor, George Friedman, said in a text: “Apparently, we take the body with us. Thank God,” the report of Pakistan Today.

Minutes later, a second message sent at 05:51 GMT, the executive of the private intelligence company in the U.S., Fred Burton, said: ‘(alpha) body towards Dover CIA plane’.

In a later vice president of Stratfor wrote: ‘Sic later, uneventful, heading the Institute of Pathology Armed Forces in Bethesda (Maryland). “

In a final email sent at 13:36 GMT, Burton replied to a message and titled: “Re: body of OBL (Osama bin Laden’s initial)” and the message said: “Body in Dover bound, must be there now.”

Post information contradicts the official story released by the Obama administration that Bin Laden’s body had been handled in accordance with Islamic traditions and thrown overboard from a ship of the U.S. Navy.


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