Tijuana- Army seizes more than six tons of marijuana

07 Mar

Army seizes more than six tons of marijuana

Military personnel responded to a citizen complaint in which it was stated that a home is giving off a strong odor of the drug

Army seizes more than six tons of marijuana

Army seizes more than six tons of marijuana

TIJUANA, March 6. – The commander of the Second Military Zone reported the seizure of more than six tons of marijuana were seized in two operations carried out on the east side of Tijuana after a citizen complaint.

The military command appeared before the media 860 packages of marijuana weighing a total of six thousand 696 kilograms; also seized two vehicles, a rifle, a magazine and 115 rounds of different calibers.

He said that in the first instance, military personnel responded to a citizen complaint in which it was stated that a private home located in Encinos, of Villas of Royal colony, it followed a strong odor of the drug.

Upon entering this home the soldiers found 300 packages of marijuana weighing approximately three thousand kilograms.

When checking the place located two single notes, which indicated three directions in which he allegedly had made drug delivery recently.

With this information we proceeded to check the home located at 24071 Calafia Street, Colonia Francisco Villa in the same sector, where they found 786 packages of marijuana weighing approximately three thousand was 660.6 kilograms.

Due to the severity of the offense, and the possibility of more drugs being found in the two remaining homes.  The military established in an effort with the delegation of the Attorney General’s Office in the state to request for the search of the premises.

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One response to “Tijuana- Army seizes more than six tons of marijuana

  1. drugsandotherthings

    03/07/2012 at 10:27 AM

    And this, and the busts like it every day don’t even make a hiccup in the supply, and do nothing to effect the US demand.

    And the truth is- the cartels supply the marijuana to regions of the US where prohibition is strongest. Regions where cannabis is more tolerated are supplied by domestic growers, for the most part without the violence and other problems that come from prohibition. All prohibition accomplishes is making criminals of people who choose to ingest a substance less harmful (and infinitely more interesting) then alcohol. And in the process put power and money in the hands of organzied crime- and fuel the corruption and violence that comes with it.


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