Coahuila is over-run by shootings and violence

08 Mar
Coahuila is over-run  by shootings and violence

Piedras Negras and Saltillo, Coahuila, woke up to gunfire, killing one officer of 21 years, dispatched police forces were ordered to withdraw from the streets

SALTILLO, March 8. – Several clashes were reported yesterday morning in the capital of Coahuila, agents of the Group of Special Weapons and Tactics (GATE), were attacked by a vehicle on their way to the city of Piedras Negras. After the attack, the State Attorney, asked the public not to leave their homes.

Authorities made a public announcement at 8:55 am: “Do not leave home if there is no need. Otherwise, stay-inside and avoid risks.”

At a press conference the governor, Ruben Moreira Valdés, in charge of the State Attorney, Domingo González Favela, and spokesman for security issues, Sergio Sisbeles reported that the attack occurred at 8:30 am, after vehicles transported troops to the border town, where on Tuesday night there was heavy fighting that left one agent of 21 years dead and four policemen injured.

The shooting occurred at the intersection of Isidro Lopez Zertuche and peripheral Luis Echeverria Alvarez, so began a chase and shootout to Calle Jose Maria La Fragua.

Notably, less than three kilometers away are three university institutes, the Institute Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores Monterrey (ITSEM), the Cumbres Institute and State University (UAE).

One person was injured, hours later another person was reported injured, and the two were reported stable condition.

Some roads were closed to traffic to prevent vehicles injured or suffered punctures artifact spells that were released by the gunmen.

At the time when there were riots, thousands of people and parents were heading to their jobs or leave their children to schools, so the Department of Education asked students Coahuila shelter in school buildings.

In the general population the authorities advised all persons to avoid areas of conflict and to avoid exposing themselves to physical harm.

For several hours the Mexican Army patrolled the city in different areas in search of the attackers.

Governor Moreira Valdes said emphatically “the government will not tolerate impunity at all, the government is doing all right: fighting crime.

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