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British authorities hope to learn Tactics in the fight against Mexican drug trafficking

EL PASO, Texas, March 8. – With the penetration of Mexican drug traffickers in Europe, the British authorities hope to learn some research techniques and tactics that the U.S. organizations have faced and have developed over the decades in the long and complicated border problems with Mexico.

British police met with American officials to learn research techniques and tactics against drug trafficking (AP)

British police met with American officials to learn research techniques and tactics against drug trafficking (AP)

Three secret police agencies against organized crime in the UK began a series of meetings with U.S. officials in the border city of El Paso to address the situation of drug gangs. The British company is known as SOCA for its acronym in English.

“The most important lesson we have shared with the SOCA is that, if they are unprepared to face the Mexican cartels, they will spread like a cancer and will underpin the economy and society with the intention to ‘legitimize’ their ill-gotten gains “Oscar said Thursday Hagelsieb, Office of Safety Research National Service attached to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE acronym in English) in El Paso. They should also be aware of the violence which undoubtedly will happen.

Hagelsieb said authorities believe the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel has drug distribution networks in England and has also established positions in France and Holland, among other places in Europe.

Without offering details, Hagelsieb said Mexican criminal groups had tried before to have a presence in Europe, “but not to the extent that we see now.”

“The Sinaloa cartel is the first that can have a global impact,” he said.

British agents met with U.S. authorities in Texas to discuss the tactics of surveillance, special operations teams and cybercrime units.

The officers will travel to Miami next week to learn from the U.S. port operations. On Thursday observed the manner in which ICE investigators discovered a load of marijuana hidden in a car at a crossing in El Paso.

The SOCA was created in 2006 and has a mission to investigate drug trafficking, criminal organizations, the cybercrime, counterfeiting, and the use of firearms and theft of substantial amounts.

In a statement read by one of the British police, the agency said it wanted the presence of its members in El Paso because “it is always better to be exposed to the problems and the environment first hand.”

“We learn from the special agents of the impact local, regional and large scale international drug trafficking reported that happens in this border,” according to the text.

Hagelsieb explained specific actions against criminal groups. “We can input intercept points before crossing back and forth,” he said.

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University of Pittsburgh 9 victims seven wounded and two dead

PITTSBURGH, March 9. – At least two people were killed and seven wounded yesterday due to a shooting at a psychiatric clinic in a Medical Center, University of Pittsburgh, hospital officials said.

Shooting 9 victims 2 dead University of Pittsburgh

Shooting 9 victims 2 dead University of Pittsburgh

“All we know is that there were 9 victims of the shooting and that there are two dead, one of them was the shooter. This is all the information we have at this time, Paul Wood, spokesman for the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic (WPIC), the psychiatric clinic where the shooting occurred.

Wood said police reported that one of the deceased was the aggressor.

He said the hospital is treating patients and victims of the incident, to ensure that the concerned hospital and other hospitals of the institution are kept safe.

At first the authorities were seeking a second suspect, but said the medical center, officials said, was just one.

A police tactical team arrived at the scene. The street was closed and the area was filled with police. Most students are on spring break, but the offices and buildings have were open.

The police meanwhile said the shooting began in the area of Diagnosis and Psychiatric Evaluation, “one of the safest areas of the building,” said a worker. You have to go through a scanner to go in there, the guards cannot carry weapons and visitors should leave all their belongings.

The Medical Center of the University of Pittsburgh reported that some patients received by the shooting, but did not say how many or what his state of health.

Pete Finelli, who lives two blocks from the clinic and worked here as a student assistant, reported that security guards are always on the side of the building where it is believed that the shooting occurred.

The patient rooms are on upper floors, he said, but on the first floor had to be someone to be admitted or discharged.

“The only place where a person would be on the first floor is the emergency room,” he added.

Pittsburgh sent an email and text alerts just after 2 pm to warn people of the shooting.

“Armed person has been identified in the Western Psychiatric Institute. Several wounded. In clinical possible second attacker. We recommend closing until further notice. If you can safely pass this message to others, “the alert said.

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC, for its acronym in English) denied the gunman kept captive hostages inside the psychiatric clinic.

“Despite various reports and messages through Twitter, the police reported no hostage situation at the UPMC Presby or the Western Psych / WPIC,” said spokesman WPIC.

The University of Pittsburgh in Oakland, WPIC, and Public School Academy of Science and Technology of Pittsburgh were closed.

Violence Increases

Three people, including an official of the security forces were injured on Wednesday afternoon in a shooting outside a court of Tulsa County, Oklahoma, and United States. The attacker, the officer and a woman passing by were hospitalized.

On 27 February, three students dead and three wounded was the result of the shooting that occurred at the Institute of Chardon, Ohio. The alleged shooter, a student center, was arrested.

“It was all just cops’

Two hours later, police and other authorities circulated inside and outside the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic ((WPIC) while some high school students and high school, who had attended a robot competition, was still at the Petersen Events Center the second floor.

“Some licked their ice cream,” said But all doors were closed, the clinic staff that was near the lobby was ordered to stay away from windows, and none of the workers could enter or leave until police give permission.

Everything was “cops and more cops,” said a worker who was repairing the roof of a nearby hotel.

One woman, who did not give her name, said she and other nurses at the clinic were returning from lunch when another woman shouted at them not to enter the building.

“This woman said someone was firing shots in the lobby on the first floor and at least five people were shot, including a police officer of Pitt (Pittsburgh), who was hit while walking through the front door. She said she was grateful that she and her friends had stopped before entering the hospital.

“A few seconds later and would have been in the lobby “, told the Post-Gazette.

On the steps outside of WPIC, part of the medical school at the University of Pittsburgh, there were people waiting for the latest reports on a friend who worked at the famous clinic that receives 250 to 300 patients a day

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