forced to marry her rapist, under 16 years old Minor commits suicide

15 Mar

The family of a child under 16 years reported to the authorities that the sex offender remains at large Amina

RABAT, March 14. – The family of Moroccan minor who committed suicide last Saturday near Larache in northern Morocco, having been forced to marry her rapist denounced his assailant is released.

“He was arrested but released now until the close of investigations,” he lamented in a statement, Hamida, sister of the victim, adding that Amina (16) was subjected to systematic abuse by the husband and his laws as “revenge” for having denounced the man for rape.

Commits suicide when forced to Marry her Rapist

Commits suicide when forced to Marry her Rapist

Amina was buried Tuesday afternoon and her own husband, Mustafa, lurking in the place of the funeral armed with a knife, Hamida reported.

The facts date back more than a year ago, when Amina’s family filed a complaint of sexual assault against Mustafa, but after an intervention known of the two families, the attacker avoided jail after admitting the offense and agreed to marry his victim.

“Mustafa took her home, threatened with a knife and took her to the nearby forest,” said the sister to describe the rape of Amina when she was 14 or 15 years.

“If married (Amina) was to protect and prevent people talking ill of her. (At her husband) not fed, mistreated and were the ones who had to buy clothes and food. His mother threatened routinely, are a family of criminals, “said Hamida.

Amina ended his life last Saturday after having consumed a rat poison in the house of his in-laws, desperate for the rejection and mistreatment suffered from husband and family, and the rejection of his father to meet her at home, explained the local newspaper “Al Massae” in yesterday’s edition.

Asmae Baghdadi, feminist activist and member of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (MAHR) in the city, said that several women’s associations and human rights activists will gather Moroccan tomorrow at noon in one sitting in front of the Court of Larache, for denounce and condemn this tragedy early marriage and gender violence.

The Moroccan penal code exempts the rapist of a minor penalty when the victim agrees to marry as long as not made a complaint against him by the family of the child.

The event has gone largely unnoticed in the Moroccan press. Although the suicide of Amina was first revealed by a newspaper written, no other media has echoed the matter, except for some web portals.

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