Spanish police arrested the rapist, kidnapper, murderer and thief 23 years old!

17 Mar

Police sought “The Rafita” for having kidnapped, raped, burned alive and hit a girl for almost nine years

The Rafitia arrested by Spanish Police
The Rafitia arrested by Spanish Police

MADRID, March 16. – Police in Madrid arrested yesterday Rafael Fernandez Garcia, also known as “The Rafita”, 23. Wanted by the police for kidnapping, rape, killing and burning alive a young woman named Sandra Palo almost nine years.

At the time of his arrest the suspect wounded two policemen by biting them, while his family confronted the police forces who tried to stop him.

Police were searching for the criminal and part of his family since last October for crimes ranging from motor vehicle theft of approximately 215 vehicles and the illegal sale of auto parts.

The murder of young Sandra Palo, which occurred when the kidnapper and victim was just 14 years old.

The suspect got away from the police operation which was set up last August to disband the group; he was arrested along with dozen people.

The arrest yesterday occurred after security forces received information that the suspect could be found in a park in the area.

The police responded immediately, and in a very confrontational way, which led the officers to operate under-cover so as to go unnoticed when they approached the suspect.

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