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Venezuelan police kills Chilean consul’s daughter Berendique Karen

As recognized officially, police fired into the vehicle Berendique Karen, who would meet with friends, young people ignored the voices of high officials

Venezuelan police kills Chilean consul's daughter

FATAL CONFUSION The Honorary Consul of Chile in Maracaibo, Fernando Berendique, inidicó her daughter, who was in a car with friends, ignored the high voice of the agents to believe they could be criminals. (AP)

Berendique Karen, daughter of Honorary Consul of Chile in Maracaibo , died Saturday after being mortally wounded by officers in a police attack, they fired into the vehicle she was traveling in with her brother, as officially admitted.

The Consul Fernando Berendique, who lived for 30 years in Venezuela, told local media that his daughter, 19, “was killed when police officers went to a reunion with his school friends.”

It also stated that his sons and another young man who accompanied them ignored the high voice of the agents to believe they could become victims of criminals. The agents had set up a checkpoint in an area north of Maracaibo, about 650 kilometers west of Caracas . The agents did not have any visible identification and carrying automatic weapons, said the consul.

In Maracaibo and in the other major Venezuelan cities are frequent armed robberies. “They came suddenly and four blocks from my house were intercepted, were armed. Gave voice high, the boys were nervous because it was dark. The least we can hope for is that the police turned on the lights (of patrols ), did not and fired, and continued to do so, “said the consul.

“The first impact (bullet) was on the windshield, when my son desperately retreated … to see that Karen was unconscious and wounded, he stopped. They were identified and officials said they fired because they stopped the car,” he said.

The Corps for Scientific Penal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC) condemned the incident and said he had evidence of police malpractice. The boy died after being shot three times, reports said. “We condemn this type of police malpractice is an unfortunate, isolated the true mission (police),” he told reporters Commissioner Jose Humberto Ramirez , director of the CICPC.

“The disciplinary commissions proceedings for exemplary measures” and surrendered the weapons carried by the 12 officers who were put in the order of the Attorney General . The Attorney General said in a statement that two prosecutors, experts in human rights, were commissioned to conduct the research.

According to official figures, in 2011 there were 48 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, making the country, nearly 28 million people, one of the most violent in the region. On 11 November, the Chilean Consulate in Caracas, Juan Carlos Fernandez, was the victim of an assault and kept him detained for anything from two hours. He was abandoned on a public street, shot and wounded, and beaten.

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Pioneer in the use of Submarines to transport drugs captured; links with El Chapo

Samir Jose Renteria, alias Morfi is the first drug trafficker to use submersibles to transport cocaine, Colombia

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BOGOTA, March 17. – The Colombian police announced today the capture of Samir Jose Renteria, alias Morfi, southwest of the country, said to be the first drug trafficker to use submersibles to transport cocaine, and who is wanted for extradition by the United States.

According to a statement from the National Police News Agency (ANNP), Renteria was arrested in Cali, capital of Valle del Cauca (southwest).

According to U.S. authorities, the arrested suspect has links with the Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the criminal gang “Los Rastrojos.”

Renteria began in illicit drug business in the eighties, when he began shipping cocaine to the U.S. via speedboats which stopped at strategic points in the Colombian Pacific to collect fuel and keep running or to off-load the drug shipments. Besides being a navigation engine expert, Morphy became a partner of Naphtali Umensa, alias Mincho, the main leader of the FARC’s 30th Front, who was killed by Armed Forces on 20 October last year.

Ties with El Chapo As evidence of the U.S. authorities shows, Renteria also has contacts and illicit businesses with Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel, led by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. The request for extradition, issued on December 2, 2010, is to appear before a Court for the Middle District of Florida for drug trafficking. It is estimated that Colombian traffickers began using submersibles from 1993, when authorities discovered a first submarine of its kind.

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