imminent surrender of the murderer of Toulouse; Mohamed Merah,

21 Mar

PARIS, March 21. – France awaits the imminent surrender of the murderer of Toulouse, who is cornered by police at his home in southern France, in the region where he committed seven deadly crimes in recent days, by killing three children and one adult in a Jewish school and three soldiers of North African origin.

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Mohamed Merah, Algerian-born French, 23, watched for more than a year by the secret service for media contacts with radical Islamists, gunshots were exchanged when police came to arrest him at 3.05 am (2.05 GMT). Two officers of the elite RAID-were seriously injured.

The man was defined as a member of Al Qaeda Mujahideen and confessed to the three killings for which he is charged, that of a soldier in Toulouse on June 11, two more Montauban four days later and the four of Ozar Hatorah Jewish school, located three kilometers from his home on Monday.

Interior Minister, Claude Guéant, said Merah remained for much of the morning in negotiations with the agents around him, who promised to be delivered during the afternoon. Heavily armed, the young man handed a gun in exchange for a phone for further contact with the negotiators, but said to keep other weapons, including a Kalashnikov and Uzi also other guns.

In any case, said Guéant Merah is no longer willing to hurt and felt that the danger had passed. Merah is entrenched on the first floor of a building of five of the street Sergent Vigne residential neighborhood Côte Pavée, around which the police have established a security perimeter.

The inhabitants of the building, during the early morning were forced to stay in their homes, and were evacuated at noon. To assist in the negotiations, Police summoned to the scene to the suspect’s mother, who lives in the trendy Le Mirail, but it indicated that her cooperation would not be useful because she has no influence on her son.

The Interior Minister said that during the morning the brother of the suspect was arrested, and booked by the police for being too Islamist media contact. Guéant recalled that all the crimes appeared as single murderer, but did not rule that would act in cooperation with a group, an issue that will be investigated.

By midmorning, the negotiations broke down with the young, to be restored later. The authorities hope to keep his word to be delivered during the afternoon.

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