“The Buzzard” transferred to Mexico City under tight security

21 Mar

The Buzzard” transferred to Mexico City under tight security

The detention of Jose Padilla Guadalupe Serna, alias “The Buzzard” last Sunday in the town of Zapotiltic, Jalisco amid tight security, was transferred to the SIEDO

"The Buzzard" transferred to Mexico City under heavy police protection
“The Buzzard” transferred to Mexico City under heavy police protection

GUADALAJARA, Jalisco (20/MAR/2012). – In the midst of heavy security “The Buzzard” was transferred to the premises of the Deputy Intelligence of Organized Crime (OFDI). The alleged leader of the New Generation Jalisco cartel, Jose Guadalupe Serna Padilla, aka “The Buzzard” and his companion, Oscar Jimenez Wells.

In the coming days agents of the Federal Public Ministry will announce the legal situation of the detainees, and will appoint the proper District Court to handle the case. The detention of Jose Padilla Guadalupe Serna, alias “The Buzzard” and his companion, Oscar Jimenez Wells, were arrested last Sunday in the town of Zapotiltic, Jalisco.

The National Defense Secretariat (SEDENA), confirmed that “The Buzzard” was one of the leaders of New Generation Jalisco Cartel (CJNG), who allegedly dominated municipalities in the Southern Region.

According to information provided by the commander of the Fifteenth Military Zone, Gilberto Hernandez Andreu, Serna Padilla is linked as the main person responsible for illegal activities performed by this criminal group in the municipalities of Ciudad Guzman, Pihuamo, Gordian Tamazula, Tuxpan, and Jilotlán Tecalitlán of Dolores, Jalisco, among others.

He was the subordinate directly under Erick Salazar Valencia, nicknamed “85”, who was the leader of New Generation Jalisco Cartel, who was arrested on March 9 by soldiers in the municipality of Zapopan, he was considered one of his top lieutenants.

The detainees were made available to the Office of Special Investigations into Organized Crime (OFDI). “The Buzzard” became infamous during and escape, and ambush in December 2010 which was recorded in the middle zone of Tecalitlán Center Township, Jalisco, which resulted in a clash that left 13 people dead (12 alleged gunmen and an innocent civilian) and 22 wounded, who were participating in a religious ceremony in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Major cartels formed by Millennium, Family and the Gulf joined together to control in Punjab and directed the attack on “the Buzzard” who was part of the dissident group’s in Valencia and working for the Cartel de Jalisco, who in those days was known as “The Crooked”.

A huge arsenal was secured -85 kilograms 250 grams of marijuana, -15 kilos 215 grams of a substance apparently crystalline methamphetamine, rifles -16 (two with grenade launcher) eight handguns, ‘four thousand 395 cartridges of different calibers. -102 chargers for various weapons, grenades -27 caliber, 40 millimeters, ‘three grenades, three grenade launchers, detonators -33, and seven vehicles (two of them armored).

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