Raymundo Mendoza Monroy, aka “The Eclipse” arrested in Huetamo, Michoacán

23 Mar
Rumbo a Huetamo !!!
Rumbo a Huetamo !!! (Photo credit: Jorge Arana – Stereocity)

Arrest of Raymundo Mendoza Monroy, aka “The Eclipse” in Huetamo, Michoacán

Monroy Raymundo Mendoza, alias “The Eclipse” was caught driving by a patrol of the Ministry of Public Security Michoacana

MEXICO CITY, March 22. – The Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) confirmed the arrest of Raymundo Mendoza Monroy, aka “The Eclipse” in Huetamo, Michoacán, presumably related to the criminal group calling itself the Knights Templar.

In a statement the Department of Defense reported that the arrest of “Eclipse” was made on March 19, when military troops at the XXI Military Zone conducted a routine check of vehicles as part of the Comprehensive Strategy of the Mexican state against Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime Organized.

He said that the events occurred during the establishment of a Military Occupation Safety Huetamo municipality, in that state, where to conduct the review routinely inspected a patrol belonging to the Ministry of Public Security of the locality mentioned.

Monroy explained that Mendoza was driving the vehicle was identified as official head of that corporation police.

However, military personnel observed nervousness in the driver, so he proceeded to perform a thorough inspection of the car, locating hidden inside various weapons and drugs.

The Department of Defense said they found eight kilograms of marijuana, 100 grams of cocaine, two rifles, a handgun, two 40 mm caliber grenades, two blankets and 23 pamphlets alluding to the criminal organization, as well as magazines and cartridges of different calibers.

Also reported that he had one weapon a handgun which was covered by the Collective Official License granted to the State Board of Public Safety Michoacan, so the culprit was arrested and made available to appropriate authorities.

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