US Secretary of Defense-Mexican cartels are more dangerous than Colombia

28 Mar

Deputy Secretary of Defense for Counter-narcotics and Global Threats, William F., said the scope of these can’t be compared

WASHINGTON, March 27. – The Mexican drug cartels pose a greater threat than that offered at the time by the Colombians, because of the national branch of its operations, said a senior U.S. government official.

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Deputy Secretary of Defense for Counter-narcotics and Global Threats, William F. Wechsler said that the progress made by Mexico‘s government against these groups are critical to national security in his country.

He explained that contrary to what was done by the Colombian cartels that controlled the movement of cocaine through the Caribbean during the 80’s, the scope of Mexicans to none.

“The Mexican transnational criminal organizations have a greater presence in all that relates to the marketing within the United States,” said Wechster before a panel of the Committee on Armed Services of the Senate.

Considering that the repeated emphasis on the southern border is counterproductive, because “we do not much care what happens inside the United States.”

He recalled that the economic power with these groups was evident last year when the DEA stopped in Chicago to an operator of the Zetas who confiscated $ 13 million in cash.

“That’s too much cash,” said the official.

Wechsler recognized that Mexico’s fight against these groups, “President (Felipe) Calderon deserves enough credit and respect for their difficult decision to do battle with these criminals.”

“That decision represented a profound change in Mexico’s history and one of the challenges when making a decision like this is that things tend to look worse before looking better,” he said.

It found that despite the wave of violence unleashed by these criminal groups, the progress made by the Mexican government has been rather to dismantle or break up these organizations.

“This progress has been accompanied by rising violence in several places and this is an ongoing challenge for Mexicans and one that will continue to face in the coming years,” he said.


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