Shootout in Tijuana leaves five dead

29 Mar

One victim was a man who was handcuffed and naked, and driving a car was trying to escape

Shootout in Tijuana leaves five dead
Shootout in Tijuana leaves five dead

TIJUANA, March 29. – The Attorney General of the state is investigating the deaths of five people including two security guards and one that was shot by municipal agents to repel aggression.

He said so far, four of the dead have been identified and that is all we would know. The person who was shot by officers, one man’s hands was bound and half-naked nevertheless he drove a car in which they tried to escape.

According to early investigations, the man tried to flee on board a vehicle that had previously been used to rob two security guards in that area, who were by a killed a high-powered weapon.

Earlier this man, who died with his hands tied and bound, would have killed two other people inside the house who were apparently kidnapped.

It is presumed that in his escape attempt, when confronted with the Municipal Police, he shot at them, so the officers returned fire killing the attacker. The deputy Ricardo Salas Bravo, Tijuana area, said the two people were found inside the home were identified as David Edgar Vargas and Javier Paredes Lopez Ortega.

The other two dead, whose bodies were found in the streets, went by the names of Luis Enrique González Cifuentes, 41, retired lieutenant, and Roberto Fernandez Uribe, 45, a former police officer.

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