Mexico, ranked the leader of amphetamines by the UN

31 Mar

Mexico, ranked the leader of amphetamines according to the UN

The number of laboratories secured in the first quarter nearly doubled over the same period of 2011.

MEXICO CITY-Mexico became the first producer of amphetamines in the hemisphere, so that Mexican criminal organizations have the ability to provide a growing market for domestic consumption but also in the U.S., where there is a systematic increase in demand of synthetic drugs, said Jorge Montaño, a member of the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) of the UN.

He considered, in an interview with El Universal, that this scenario should alert the countries of North and Central America, since it is no coincidence that in 2009, 99% of meth labs dismantled around the world was in North America.

In the same context, the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) reported that the number of clandestine laboratories insured in the first quarter nearly doubled over the same period of 2011 and is the largest in the entire six years, to be located in 83 to 46 last year.

The report of operations against drug trafficking and organized crime of the Department of Defense indicates that in the period have been dismantled 27 clandestine laboratories on average per month, compared with 14 in the same period of 2011.

According to INCB, “during the past decade, Mexico also became a major producer of methamphetamine, which is reflected in the number of dismantled laboratories, which jumped from 21 in 2008 to 191 in 2009”, plus the number of laboratories EU methamphetamine is higher than in Mexico, but “Mexican laboratories usually produce much larger quantities of this drug.”

The UN expert pointed out that globally, “there is a steady increase in the consumption of synthetic drugs.”

It is a matter of price, because they are cheaper, which marked a change in consumption pattern, resulting in greater demand, “as in the EU market that welcomed the stimulus these drugs they are using so systematic “.

For criminal networks is to obtain higher profits for the market for cocaine and marijuana, but also less risk in the transfer of chemical laboratories and ride hard to detect.

He stressed that “Mexico is very serious and appears as the first producer of amphetamines in the hemisphere.

Most goes to the EU market, although much is being consumed in Mexico. “

Montano explained that the INCB has found “many movements of precursors, especially from India and China to Central America,” in countries like Guatemala, Belize and Nicaragua, as the Mexican criminal organizations have had to seek other places of operation to the federal government action to curb trafficking in precursors and identify laboratories.

At the March 22 cut the number of clandestine laboratories in the country insured by the Mexican army numbered 82, but on Saturday said 24 other in Culiacan.

In late 2010 and early 2011 the Department of Defense placed the municipality of Mocorito, Sinaloa, as one of the sites where the Army said they located the most clandestine laboratories.

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