Al Qaeda coming soon to New York , said the terrorist network

03 Apr

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The security forces are working to determine if it can be considered a credible threat to the city

EFE / Photo courtesy Daily News

Al Qaeda claims to return to New York soon


The computer crimes unit investigates the image that reads Al Qaeda coming soon again in New York  (Photo from Daily News)

NEW YORK, April 2. – The New York Police announced today that it is investigating a photograph placed on a website linked to Al Qaeda terrorist network to determine if a potential terrorist threat to the city.

The New York police spokesman Paul Browne said the computer crimes unit investigates the image, which reads “Al Qaeda back soon to New York” and that has circulated on various Internet forums in Arabic.

Browne, according to NBC, said they are trying to determine if the graph has been placed by a person or group.

In the picture, also played by some U.S. media as the New York Daily News or the website of the television, you see a photo of the Big Apple and that phrase, while a man and a boy walking down the street.

According to that environment, the FBI office in New York and the city police working together “to determine the origin and meaning of the graphic image that appeared Monday on several forums Arabs linked to al Qaeda,” the author of the terrorist network 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers that killed nearly 3 000 people.

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