Mexicos’ loss due to the drug wars and criminal organizations

04 Apr

MEXICO CITY 160 000 businesses closed because of lack of security

The organization complained that an increasing number of abductions and burning of vehicles to block roads.

These Organized crime cartels are responsible

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Mass escapes of prisoners, kidnappings, and executions are frequent, says

The Employers Confederation of Mexico (Coparmex) said that organized crime is deteriorating competitiveness of the states, discouraging domestic and foreign investment, which has caused the closure of at least 160 000 businesses across the country during 2011 and the migration of thousands of productive families to other nations.

Desigaud Alberto Espinosa, president of business organization, said the climate of insecurity prevailing in Mexico has forced the closure of businesses , migration of business and tourism sector losses. also called inefficient fight against organized crime at the failure of the commitments made by the three levels of government, Congress and the judiciary, in the field, more than three and half years of signing the National Accord for Security, Justice and Legality.

 “Not only is it changing the lives of Mexicans, the economy is being affected because in the north, the premium insurance increased 30% to 24 million passengers border prefer to stay longer in Mexico, which has an economic loss of more than $ 800 million in the last five years, “he said.

He added that Mexico’s image has deteriorated seriously, causing several nations issued alerts to prevent tourists travel to our country, because only in America, is considered to Ciudad Juarez as the world’s most dangerous city. “Organized crime is deteriorating competitiveness of the states, discouraging domestic and foreign investment, causing the closure of formal enterprises, because in 2011 more than 160 000 companies ceased to operate throughout the country, “he said.

As for the construction industry, said it has increased the risk of to increase the cost of infrastructure, because the contractors will have to pass on rising costs made to counteract insecurity.

 “The worst is that employers and families are going to other countries in search of safety and well, so it is necessary to evaluate the strategy of the fight against crime implemented by the Federal Government to identify opportunities and design new programs, more effective, “established. stressed that coordination is required, responsibility and a vision of State long term and that insecurity is reaching levels not seen in decades and the public perception is that violence, is far from diminishing, but is increasing.

“There is frustration and disappointment in all sectors of society, the impunity that prevails in the country and lack of responsibility of the authorities, which has resulted in eight out of ten Mexicans consider that security is worse than in 2011 and added to that, 50% of citizens consider that organized crime is winning the battle and the government 40% defined as the current strategy failed because three out of ten people have been victims of crime in the last three months, he said.

He recalled that there are often mass escapes of prisoners, kidnapping and burning of vehicles to block roads and primary roads; performances mainly in Nuevo Leon, Guerrero, Coahuila, Durango, Chihuahua and Tamaulipas.

Within society, added that in the past five years the offenses occurred in the country increased from 1.5 to 1.8 million and the homicide is has doubled and kidnapping has rallied 81%, in Durango, Tamaulipas and Guerrero.

According to figures from the 32 state attorneys in 2011 reported an average of four kidnappings and two thousand robberies daily, throughout the national territory and that same year saw four thousand 600 complaints for the crime of extortion, with greater involvement in Chihuahua, Baja California, Jalisco and Mexico City.

In addition, he concluded the union leader-, that 98% of crimes go unpunished, and total cases go to trial, only one in ten offenders receive judgment.

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