Guatamala Detects that the Mexican Zetas gang trains the Mara Salvatrucha

07 Apr

Detect that Zetas gang trains the Mara Salvatrucha

Guatemalan authorities say the Zetas gang of drug traffickers is training Mara Salvatrucha in paramilitary camps

Mara Salvatrucha
Mara Salvatrucha being trained by the Mexican Zetas gang

GUATEMALA. April 7. – The Zetas are recruiting gang members of Mara Salvatrucha for training in paramilitary camps in Mexico, Guatemalan authorities said.

For years, the Zetas gang has controlled the criminal networks in the cities of the country and are responsible for much of the extortions, kidnappings, assaults and murders.

The Zetas want the gangs to generate chaos in Guatemala City, capital of the country, to distract the actions and resources of the authorities and thus ensure the control of rural land routes used for drug trafficking with the support of the intelligence provided by a local criminal sophisticated structure, said Guatemalan authorities.

The maras can improve their criminal operations and make more money with access to military training, long-range weapons and drugs for sale or consumption, the authorities concerned.

“In this union with Los Zetas , (the) Mara Salvatrucha is more capable of articulation, strategy and more maneuverability, “said Stuart Velasco, chief coordinator of the Task Forces of the Ministry of Interior.

According to police intelligence sources, Los Zetas seek to recruit five thousand employees. “The strategy is that the Mara Salvatrucha chaos concentrated in the metropolis to keep it clear of drug runners inside the country, “says the source.

The presence of Mexican cartels in Guatemala, particularly the Zetas, led the government of Alvaro Colom to impose states of emergency in the provinces of Peten in May 2011 and in Alta Verapaz in December 2010.

The Minister Lopez Bonilla says that in addition to Los Zetas criminal groups are more American territory: “They are like 22 groups in different areas,” he said, “the most important and dangerous is that of Los Zetas , because not only engage in drug trafficking take control of the criminal structure and completely take over all kinds of activities. “

Velasco, who is coordinating police operations against criminal groups in the country, explained that “they know that the economic benefit is great and that Los Zetas, being a foreign group, need their networks to increase their operational level in Guatemala. “

The information on the alliance between gangs and mushrooms came after the arrest of 50 people linked to the massacre at a cattle farm of Petén on 14 May that killed 27 people, 25 of them beheaded a senior official of the Attorney General.

The Zetas seek to integrate the Mara Salvatrucha is “full and we are providing military training and political indoctrination in Mexican fields.”

Guatemalan officials say there are training camps of Los Zetas in the states of Veracruz, Sonora, Chiapas and San Luis Potosi.

To date the Mexican authorities have reported that Los Zetas have recruited or trained gangs in Mexico.

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