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Mexico birthrates 24 percent attributed to mothers aged between 14-19 years old

Mexico birthrates 24 percent attributed to mothers aged between 14-19 years old

Mexico, – Some 480,000 (24%) of the 2 million births each year in Mexico are to mothers aged 14 to 19 years old, informed the Secretariat (Ministry) of Health Mexico.

Besides a pregnancy at such an early age, increases five times the risk of dying during their obstetric care, the deputy director of Sexual and Reproductive Health National Center for Equity, Gender and Reproductive Health of the Health Ministry, Alejandro Solis Roses said in a statement.

“A pregnancy in an adolescent is considered high risk due to the immaturity of their body, so that puts them at risk for preeclampsia or bleeding, conditions that are among the five leading causes of maternal mortality,” said the expert.

He also warned that there are also implications for newborn health, such as low weight, lung immaturity and temperature control problems, situations threatening the baby’s life.

In the long term consequences of early pregnancy is that many young people see their life project frustrated by having to leave school and enter a restricted labor market many times.

The ministry believes that “over 60% of teenage pregnancies were unintended” by couples, many of which do not use condoms or other methods of control.

“The lack of use of a contraceptive method at first intercourse increases the risk of unplanned pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted infections such as human papillomavirus and HIV / AIDS , “said the agency.

In this situation Roses Solis claimed that enhance information and programs for teenagers.

“We need to talk to our children about sexuality, as it is an essential part of being human. Report a teenager all sexual behavior has an impact is essential to take informed decisions,” the specialist.

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Assaulted and stripped of their police car … at Coahuila

The police in Coahuila can not prevent theives from robbing them at gun point; so how can they protect the general public?

Two state officials could do nothing to prevent their vehicle and weapons from being taken said officer in charge

TOWER, April 8. – Two police officers from the Office of Coahuila, assigned to the Research Division in the city of Torreon, were assaulted and robbed of their patrol car they were traveling in. The soldiers could do nothing to prevent the theft, although they were armed.

The violent high-jacking occurred on the highway from San Pedro, between the subdivision trails and the Holy Land Model (TSM), around 9:00 am on Saturday.


NISSAN TIIDA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The troops were inside a Nissan Tiida car, owned by the state agency.

Then two armed men arrived in a vehicle which came down amagaron towards the police elements, who performed guard duty in civilian clothes factory and were stripped of their car and two handguns.

The red code was activated, initiating a search operation on the highway from San Pedro, culminating in that municipality and the Francis I. Madero with no positive results.

The State Attorney’s Office did not issue any information, but the assault was confirmed by members of the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Torreon.

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TOLUCA, Caen seven alleged kidnappers of La Familia Michoacana arrested

During an operation in the municipality of Otzolotepec, the Department of Public Safety was able to rescue two hostages who were entrepreneurs

Elements of the Public Safety Secretariat (SSC) rescued two kidnapped businessmen and said seven suspected members of a cell of La Familia Michoacana criminal group in the municipality of Otzolotepec.

The incident occurred in the Villa Cuauhtemoc, where the suspects were confronted with elements of the military and for those injured Avelino Ignacio Santana, aka “El Tigre“, 26 and identified as the leader of the group.

During the intervention of members of the SSC were arrested Ezequiel Hernandez Sanchez, 23, Victor Vicente Ignacio, 35, Omar Ortiz Hernandez, 23, Jose Alberto Davila Aguirre, 20, Luis Lemus Raymundo Juarez, alias “the Seven”, 32, and Marlene Viridiana Rodriguez Gonzalez, 19.

In the operation were released two men of 46 and 43, respectively, nightclubs entrepreneurs who were deprived of their liberty in recent days and remained in captivity in a safe house while negotiating his release.

The detainees were seized a gray Chevrolet Cavalier vehicle plates MHL 1294, and two firearms, a .38 caliber super, a .22 caliber rounds of ammunition and 42 mm .38 caliber and .9 millimeter and three magazines and a bulletproof vest.

Also eight mobile teams, two chips, a hundred doses of drugs with characteristics of crack cocaine and two packs a herb like marijuana, items that will be made available to the officer concerned.

Ignacio Santana, who was shot, was admitted to a hospital under police guard.

According to victims, how to operate the cell was first required to pay a fee called “dues” and if they refused to cooperate, they were deprived of liberty to demand payment for the rescue.

The SSC encourages citizens to recognize if the modus operandi of the criminal cell or identify any of the members of the criminal cell, come to report to authorities.

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