Chicago- Child abuse increased in 2011, says the Catholic Church

11 Apr

Is this to be handled different than the  FBI’s most wanted pedophile Toth, alias “David Busseone?”

A total of 489 people reported credible allegations of abuse by priests or deacons in 2011

CHICAGO, April 10. – The number of credible allegations of sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests and deacons in the United States increased by 15 percent last year, and the church spent $ 144 million to deal with the scandal, according to a Church-sponsored audit released Tuesday.

A total of 489 people reported credible allegations of abuse by priests or deacons in 2011, most of them adults who as children were victims of clergy now deceased, said the Catholic Bishops Conference of the United States in a report its ninth annual audit on this issue.

Twenty victims were under 19 years and were recently abused. Lawyers for the victims say that there are about tens of thousands more victims who have never revealed since the scandal broke in Boston in 2002.

“We renew our pledge to do our best to end the social evil of child sexual abuse,” said Cardinal Timothy Dolan, chairman of the Conference, in a letter introducing the report.

Critics of the management of the Church in the sexual abuse crisis made fun of the audit, saying it minimizes the extent of abuse and the guilt of the Church hierarchy.

The annual audit of the bishops identified credible allegations against 406 priests or deacons. In 2010, there were 428 complaints against 345 offenders. More than a third of the alleged perpetrators were never charged before.

The numbers of victims and offenders were twice as high in the past decade, then fell in early 2008.

Twelve accused priests remain in active ministry pending the outcome of investigations. Eleven percent of the new charges were considered false.


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