Joel Rodriguez Marrero alias El Cubano arrested for murder of six people Morelos

12 Apr


The offender is a Cuban national and charges against him are for killing four children who were dismembered

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CUERNAVACA, April 11. – The office of Morelos confirmed the responsibility of Joel Rodriguez Marrero alias El Cubano , who is of the same nationality, for the murder of six people, four of which were students and children were butchered in the Alta Vista neighborhood of Cuernavaca.

Morelos Attorney Pedro Luis Benitez Velez said, “it was reported that until now the existence of six aggravated homicides including those of the youngsters of Alta Vista and four hostages recovered so far by saying that research continues.”

The Cuban was arrested on April 5, with a gun in his belt when getting out of a car Chrysler stratus, license plates overlapping the state of Guerrero, in the town of Xochitepec, later entered his home where they found more weapons and drug.

In that house in the White House # 7 Street Villas Subdivision Xochitepec, Section B, was less than 17 years identified as Gabriela N. who acknowledged to be his partner of El Cubano .

The attorney said he recognized all his crimes and his profile is that of a psychopath, “Here we see the bags with bodies dismembered, the terms no regrets and has the classic psychopathic behavior.”

According to the prosecutor the four youths were killed by drug sales, “the reports that kills these and others, because they have drug debts, owe money distribution, would be half wholesale distributor and they will mini dealers, that’s the explanation he gives. “

The Cuban was accused of the deaths of Miguel Angel Garcia Cruz and Jose Juan Castaneda Pineapple on 5 April in Alta Vista, as well as the four young men found dead in the colony Prairie on March 8: Eduardo Sanchez Lenin Montesinos, Bryan Gomez Bustos, Brandon Contreras Gutierrez and Alejandro Catalan Rembrandt Ramos.

This alleged criminal has no record of entry into Mexico, according to the U.S. embassy, but Interpol has also initiated a search for the registration of criminal activity in other countries.

Regarding the possible participation of more foreign, especially American into criminal gangs said, “he is the second Cuban stopped in the city of Cuernavaca, we know there are other individuals in Central and South America, and we are doing research not only in Morelos but in the rest of the country.”

Regarding the minor with which had a romantic relationship, the attorney said that this young woman is detained in the State Center Custodial Measures for Adolescents (CEMPLA), charged with narcotics market.

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