AEI arrested kidnapping gang operating in Apodaca and San Nicolas

17 Apr

Those arrested are members of Los Zetas, and had been operating since January this year to date.

AEI arrested kidnapping gang operating in Apodaca and San Nicolas

Monterrey,-Three members of a gang made up of at least six people in a cell of Los Zetas, who committed 19 executions in areas of the municipalities of San Nicolas Apodaca and were arrested by elements of the State Agency for Research on The colony Ebanos. The arrest of the suspects was on 13 April in the colonial streets of Los Ebanos in Apodaca, after several complaints against the suspects, who committed illegal in different sectors.

Given the elements of the police among those arrested was identified as Jose Luis Rodriguez Huerta, 30 years old, nicknamed “El Puma”, residing in Mount Street Macalu in the San Bernabe second area, designated as leader ofthe group, a cell of Los Zetas.

The other two arrested are: Jose Arturo Hernandez Carrillo, “The Pepón” 26 years of age, Cuernavaca, Morelos, located at Poplar Street in the center of the county seat of Anahuac, and Jaime Peña of Misael Rosa, “Big Ears” and / or “Mass”, 20, of Laredo, Tamaulipas, and residing in the colony Mirador, La Esperanza, Nuevo Laredo.

Among the murders they committed is that of a traffic officer on 8 March, Apodaca, and in early April attacked police in San Nicolas

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