technical problems, cause hearing cancellation for Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla The Vicentillo

19 Apr

Federal Judge Ruben Castillo set a new preliminary hearing for June 28 in the case of Mexican drug

Due to technical problems, hearing canceled for Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla The Vicentillo
Due to technical problems, hearing canceled for Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla The Vicentillo










CHICAGO, April 18. – Federal Judge Ruben Castillo set a new preliminary hearing for June 28 in the case of Mexican drug trafficker Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla The Vicentillo , after stopping the hearing today.

Wednesday’s hearing lasted less than five minutes due to technical glitches that prevented the remote link with Zambada Niebla, held in a Michigan prison, judicial sources said.

The hearing-second of this year, began without the virtual presence of the Vicentillo , as the monitor of the courtroom did not work, so only attended Thomas Arevalo, co-accused on charges of introducing tons of drugs into the U.S. .

The judge received several requests from attorneys Zambada Fog to continue the preparatory process and took two months to enable the defense to conclude its evidence gathering process, before the new preliminary hearing to trial.

On January 25, less than a month after the original date to start the process against Zambada Niebla (February 13, 2012), Judge Castillo decided to postpone eight months, until October 9, who argued for delays lawyers.

By that time the judge had already rejected the claim that U.S. agents in Mexico guaranteed him immunity from arrest.

Zambada Niebla was arrested in Mexico in 2009 and extradited to Chicago in 2010.

Since last year is being held in prison in Milan from Michigan, because in the preventive detention of Chicago was a lack of security required to fulfill your request for leave to exercise outdoors.

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One response to “technical problems, cause hearing cancellation for Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla The Vicentillo

  1. Ted Hallett

    04/19/2012 at 2:09 PM

    Drug Cartels Ignorant? I often wonder about the mentality of these Drug Lords and Dictators across the World. Their vary actions bring to their door step the hatred of their government and the people. Those actions also bring to their door step the military and the billions of dollars of support from countries like the United States. Now why would any businessman, drug or otherwise, intentionally bring such a war upon themselves? If an individual like Mr. Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera is intelligent enough to build his drug empire into a multibillion dollar business, he certainly should be intelligent enough to know there is a better way to protect and grow his business than his current methods.

    The Drug Cartel’s past and present business model is what brought to their door step the hatred and actions of their own people, their government and the investment of billions of dollars and the military by the United States government! Why not change the business model to take advantage of the current state of domestic affairs in a way that benefits the Cartels, the people and the government, which will also rid them of the involvement of the United States in their affairs? Use the same man power, capital and alliances to bring about a change of support and unity. As a consultant I can say that the solution is at hand and can be implemented quickly and effectively. Google TheGardenMaster with Mr. Ted Hallett.

    I understood that the Cartels are in business to make money! Why are they not focused on that end in mind? Why do they allow themselves to be sucked into this war, that more that likely was/is manipulated by an outside influence? Where are these Cartel Bosses? Why do they not learn from past mistakes to perfect their business model? I am beginning to think they are merely fabricated caricatures and scapegoats used by agencies to further multiple ulterior motives. Are there really Drug Lords and Cartel Bosses out there? I wonder. You certainly never hear from them! If there are, you would think they would be smart enough to change things.


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