XALAPA,PAN is bounded by the mayor of Veracruz linked to Zetas

19 Apr

Mayor Chinameca, Padua Martin Zuniga, was arrested by military forces after a long battle with federal forces

The mayor of Chinameca, Padua Martin Zuniga, was arrested by military forces after a long confrontation occurred Tuesday night in the city center Minatitlan. The case became a hot potato for the National Action Party (PAN).

The Veracruz PAN issued a statement clarifying that do not cover up anyone, Padua Martin was never a member or adherent active political institution and that there was already away with the mayor.

Gustavo Madero, leader of the PAN issued a statement saying that “The PAN condemns alleged criminal actions of this mayor, who according to local police reports and a group of suspected criminals in a house hold after a showdown with forces federal, “it said.

On Tuesday afternoon, almost evening, military items to him to stop a van whose crew called the suspect, was shot, a chase and finally a confrontation at a house in the street on May 5, in the center of the city.

They were three hours of waiting for the soldiers and tactics, with intermittent gunfire, until they managed to subdue criminal suspects turned out to be members of the Zetas crime group, according to information provided by the Ministry of Defense.

Jose Manuel Barrientos Rodriguez, “Uncle Joe”, alleged financial operator of the Zetas in Coatzacoalco, Mario Garcia and Rogelio Cisneros Aispuro Mendoza, “The Cramps” and Martin Zuniga Padua.

They also detained Gregorio Román Barradas, “The Rochi” Sergio Ramirez Lopez, “The Cobra”, Mark Gonzalez Leon, “The Junior” Aurelio Eligio Ramirez Loves.

The most important is Jose Fragoso Carmen Martinez, aka “Comandante Reyes” and / or “shells” in the southern regional chief of the organization and influence in Acayucan, Oluta, Soconusco, Jáltipan, Chinameca Cosoleacaque, Minatitlan, Coatzacoalcos, Nanchital, Agua Dulce, Las Choapas and Soteapan.

The suspects were in possession of rifles, grenades, drugs, vehicles and money, among other things.

Padua Martin Zuniga, 36, came to the mayor under the banner of the PAN, and said he was being held against their will.

The case became a pump for the PAN, as Padua Zuniga would be the second mayor of this political institution arrested for his alleged links to organized crime. The first was the mayor of Las Minas, held in Puebla in March on drug possession.

For its part, the bench of the local PRI in Congress said that this is the second case “in which mayors of Veracruz, PAN fraction are held for federal offenses.”

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