Teen forced into prostitution, rescued by PGJEM in Santiago

02 May
Teen forced into prostitution, rescued by PGJEM
Teen forced into prostitution, rescued by PGJEM

The under aged 14 year old had been hired as a waitress in a bar called “La Gloria” where the Teen was required to charge 200 pesos for each sexual service she provided

Elements of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (PGJEM) rescued a 14-year-old who was forced into prostitution in a building where alcoholic beverages in Zumpango expendían.

According to information from the attorney Mexico State, following the report of the disappearance of the child, got an operation in the brewery known as “La Gloria”, located in the neighborhood of Santiago, where they found the victim ingesting alcoholic beverages and waiting for customers who would provide sexual services.

The inquiries revealed that the minor was hired as a waitress, which meant receiving a commission of 30 pesos for every drink to take with customers. In the house were secured in charge of the premises, Veronica “N” “N”, 35, who was paid 200 pesos as commission for each sexual service effected the victim and Jose Abel “N” “N”, 40 years, both linked to trial for the crime of trafficking .

The detainees were brought before the Public Prosecutor, who began the research folder 503540950044412, which was related to the folder 483310360602512, initiated by the missing person report.

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