Colombian prostitute is denounced for sexual exploitation of children

10 May

Two children sued Dania Londoño, star of the sex scandal in Cartagena, by encouraging them into prostitution- Obamas’ legacy

Colombian prostitute is denounced for sexual exploitation of children

Colombian prostitute is denounced for sexual exploitation of children


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Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CARTAGENA, Two children of Cartagena de Indias filed a complaint against the prostitute Dania Londoño, protagonist of the scandal with the Secret Service for Barack Obama for allegedly inciting them into prostitution and obtaining information about Americans.

“There is a criminal complaint for the offense of incitement to prostitution and pimping,” said the lawyer for the children, Pedro Aponte, who represents them at the request of their mothers after a prosecution spokesman also confirmed Cartagena.

The lawyer established demand in Cartagena, the Colombian city where the scandal occurred during the Sixth Summit of the Americas last April, when several Secret Service agents in the U.S., who accompanied Mr. Obama, contracted services Londoño.

According to Aponte, the two children, both 17, were contacted by Dania Londoño at Cafe del Mar, a popular bar in Cartagena, where he offered a large sum of money for “break the consciousness of Americans through a chemical, unwrap documentation, SIM cell phones and bring them to the hotel.”

“In return, they would receive one hundred million pesos (about $ 56 000),” said the lawyer, who insisted that the two children “refused the request” and therefore were threatened.

“One of them was threatened Sunday because of the death and his mother contacted me, that’s why the complaint was lodged,” she said, to clarify that if not because it reveals the identity of minors, the U.S. Embassy in Bogota knows their names.

In a telephone interview with the lawyer of Londono Dania, counsel Abelardo de la Espriella, categorically denied the accusations against him to his client and said the plaintiffs and their counsel “only seek profit and media configuration.”

“To pretend that Dania was plotting a plot against the U.S. Government with two inexperienced girls to infiltrate, it makes no sense,” said De la Espriella, indicating further that the complaint “has no basis and is poorly done.”

He added that “when a job is to infiltrate what matters most is prudence, is a ridiculous accusation,” he added.

Aponte had insisted earlier in his interview that the children she represents “have nothing to do with sexual exploitation,” since these are two young “stratum six”, ie, upper class, “with a moral faultless, unrelated to any conduct of prostitution, and studying in college.”

He added that by rejecting the offer was itself Dania Londoño who “harassed and threatened them by the phone.”

Londoño, according to his lawyer, is in Madrid, on Friday offered an interview with Cadena Ser, which recognized that accompanied one of the agents of Obama to the hotel room where she was staying in Cartagena for 800 dollars.

This woman, aged 25 and mother of a child, described it as “silly” for the U.S. Secret Service agents because, she said it was easy to access them and therefore, they should have known that the body belonged to security “I have a thousand questions.”

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