Malaysia “They were sentenced to be hanged to death,” the judge said.

17 May

KUALA LUMPUR,The three Mexican brothers Gonzalez Villarreal have been sentenced to death by hanging by a court of justice in Malaysia after being found guilty of drug trafficking.

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“They were sentenced to be hanged to death,” the judge said.

Luis Alfonso, 47, Jose Regino (36) and Simon Gonzalez Villarreal (33), who maintain their innocence since his arrest in March 2008, appeared in the courtroom with a straight face with the other two defendants, a Malaysian and a Singaporean.

The defendants were taken to the courthouse in a police van from the Sungai Buloh prison, located about 50 kilometers from the capital and in which they have been incarcerated since a little over one year the trial began. In an apparent show of hope that the verdict is favorable, Mexican brothers took with them to court with some bags of clothes and a bible, Efe observed. “We are tired, but hopefully face trial,” said one of the brothers Gonzalez Villarreal.

Among the audience were in sight at least two officials of the Embassy of Mexico and relatives of the accused Lee Malaysian and Singaporean Bonh Sia Lim Hung Wan.

The judgment of acquittal or guilt is read by the same judge who presided over the judgment, Zawawi Mohamed, known by the nickname of “Judge rope” for the many death sentences he has given over his judicial career.

Before the start of the hearing, Kitson Foong and the other lawyers of Mexican brothers were cautiously optimistic, but also indicated that if they are sentenced to death by hanging exhausted the legal remedies to get switched to them.

Thus, the life of each of the brothers Gonzalez Villarreal depends on the judge issues a verdict declaration of acquittal or dismissed the case against them for drug trafficking in Malaysia considered a serious felony for which the criminal law only provides for capital punishment.

The brothers from the state of Sinaloa was arrested by police along with two other defendants in a warehouse in Johor Baru, a port city bordering Singapore, which was discovered various materials to make methamphetamine, several precursor chemicals and about 29 kilos of heroin, of which one third disappeared from the store where it was kept under police custody.

The defense maintains that the inconsistencies identified in the lists of equipment and drugs seized by police experts contributed and disappearance from the stash of drugs is a “manipulation of the evidence” and “violates” the fundamental rights of its customers, so unsuccessfully requested a mistrial.

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