1.4 million dollars hidden in a room, located by agents in West Texas

19 May

Tuesday passed quietly in a small residential development in the Lower Valley. Children played in the parking lot and rode their bikes, while their parents watched nearby. Nobody imagined that one of the agents would find in a house over 1.4 million dollars hidden in a room, police said yesterday.

1.4 million dollars hidden in a room,
1.4 million dollars hidden in a room,

Previous investigation was part of the work of the houses Security Unit, which responds to the Area of High Intensity Drug Trafficking in West Texas (HIDTA for its acronym in English). On Tuesday, at approximately 5:00 pm several police vans without logos Melendez came to the apartments at 216 Schutz Street and parked at the end of the street.

Home Security Unit agents descended their Vehicle and entered a home. “I was coming from work and saw that there were police, but did not know what had happened,” one neighbor said but did not give his name. “I know nothing.”

According to reports from the El Paso Police Department, a total of 1 million 413 thousand 296 U.S. dollars were packaged in clear plastic and were in one room. Until yesterday no arrests were reported. Upon learning the nature of the operation and the finding, the neighbor did not hide the surprise. “Ah jijo, how?

I never would have imagined, “said the man. “I saw a guy who goes in and out, but nothing suspicious … very quiet sector,” he said. Another neighbor reacted in a similar way to the news. “What? I did not realize. I have seen those who live there, it is a man and sometimes I see the wife and some children that have lived there less than a year, “he said and pointed to the apartment number 9, which unlike the others is protected by a cyclone mesh door.

“But I saw nothing unusual, always the same cars and they are not unknown,” he added in reference to certain factors that for years the authorities have issued to identify potential safe houses where drugs are hidden, weapons or large amounts of cash.

According to police, such activities occurred in homes for rent where the grounds are neglected, with no furniture and whose residents have irregular hours or stay away from other neighbors. By using many different vehicles, especially large and entering adjacent parking areas could be another indicator.

“Not surprisingly, both because here in El Paso there are a lot of drugs and drug money moving,” said the second neighbor. “But I am a little surprised that it happened next door.”

In February 2011 one million 160 thousand U.S. dollars were found hidden in safes and in holes in the walls of a residence on the west side of town. The house was abandoned and the money was found thanks to maintenance technicians who were to fix system failures reported finding the money.

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