reign of terror in Cadereyta ends with capture of Daniel Elizondo Jesus Ramirez

21 May

Jesus Daniel Elizondo, in addition to being held accountable for the deaths of 49 people, is also linked to other crimes bloody

reign of terror in Cadereyta come to an end with arrest of El Loco!

reign of terror in Cadereyta come to an end with arrest of El Loco!

MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon, Daniel Elizondo Jesus Ramirez, allegedly responsible for killing 49 persons and whose capture was announced today by the Ministry of Defense of Mexico, had been operating for more than a year as the kingpin of the criminal group Los Zetas Cadereyta area, northern state of Nuevo Leon.Official reports of the Seventh Military Zone also drawn to Elizondo, alias “El Loco”, responsible for murdering and dismembering Kendy Cavazos Cavazos and Katia Caballero Castillo, both 24 and Aurora family Cavazos, Secretary of Social Development of Nuevo Leon .

The youths were arrested in late September 2011 for “shock in the street” and taken to jail de Allende, a town located about 60 miles south of state capital, Monterrey.

Being arrested, communicated by telephone with an Army lieutenant who was the boyfriend of one of them. Police working to Elizondo reported the incident to her boss, who ordered them to hand over the girls.

On August 1, Kendy and Katia were found in three boxes Cavazos forsaken the roadside Cadereyta-Allende, along with a message to the military.

Following that murder the Army deployed an operation in the town, where in the last two years have seen at least a dozen kidnappings of businessmen and farmers, and although in some cases, ransom was paid the victims were not returned to life.

For the August 3rd Army and ministerial agents arrested 14 policemen Allende working with organized crime. Seven of them participated in the delivery of the girls to “El Loco”.

For the August 25 reported a clash between soldiers and gunmen traveling in a compact car. In the exchange of fire fell two suspected criminals, and because the inside of the car were written the words “Loko”, it was believed that one of them could be Elizondo Ramirez.

Some media took for granted that “El Loco” had died and so reported.

Days later, a message Elizondo in news portals that had announced his death: “I’m still alive Hey aki race, the Loko of the Zetas, sumbando Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon …”.

The morning of May 13 were found the mutilated bodies of 43 men and six women on a truck parked on a highway at the ejido San Juan de Cadereyta.

Those responsible left a blanket in which “the Fool, and the Commander Lazcano Z40” claimed responsibility for the crime and warned that the same would happen to their rival cartels Pacific and Gulf, as well as military and police.

This Sunday, the Defense Department announced the arrest of Ramirez Elizondo “as a result of a precision operation by Mexican Army troops on the 18th of this month.”

Confirming some of their other commitments during the campaign, Peña Nieto explained that this seeks to encourage a democratic exercise in which citizens can choose the option that convinces them, regardless of distractions.

“This is what I’m doing, I do not get distracted by what others say and eventually to their discredit they are doing, to me, that of my party, is a campaign to have proposals and especially wants to be next to people , of good people who hope for a better future and that this option exchange is due, “he said.

“Mexico will not turn its back on the problems, but face them up-front and center, and resolve them and the country will not accept that millions of Mexicans live in poverty, I am outraged that so many compatriots have nothing to put on the table, “he said.

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