Five year old’s Mother gouges his eyes out!

26 May

MEXICO CITY, May 25. – The treacherous attack from a mother to her five years to get the eyes, during an act of religious fanaticism, caused great indignation in the Mexican community, but not just stand there.

The mainstream media in the world aware of this attack have described as brutal. title: They draw eyes to a Mexican child in a Satanic ritual. The newspaper in its online edition, shows that the child’s relatives were arrested during the satanic ritual.

The Sun : Removes eye with a spoon , and he notes Fathers Satanic ritual performed with him in Mexico .

The news agency Reuters : Removes eyes of a child with a spoon , and says the arrest of seven people.

CBS News in its online version put in its main head: The child’s eyes were taken during a ritual, where apparently there was drugs mother arrested

The boy’s mother and family were arrested and taken to the Attorney General of the State of Mexico, which will determine their legal status.

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