A gross case of cannibalism brought on by LSD “bath salts”

30 May
A gross case of cannibalism brought on by LSD “bath salts”

MIAMI, USA – Miami police are investigating whether the shocking case of the man who ate part of the face before being shot dead by police on a busy highway ramp was acting under the influence of a new type of LSD known as “bath salts”.

Cannabalism brought on by LSD "bath salts"

Cannibalism brought on by LSD “bath salts”

This substance causes an increase in body temperature and those who consume it become very aggressive, said Dr. Paul Adams, from the Hospital Jackson Memorial in Miami, reported the ABC television network.

The victim, who remains hospitalized in critical condition at that hospital, lost almost 75% of his face, according to authorities. The assailant, identified as Rudy Eugene unofficially, 31, was completely naked when the incident occurred, he ate the ears, nose, part of the forehead and tried to devour even the eyes of the victim.

The event, which occurred last Saturday on the side of the ramp of the Mc Arthur viaduct in the city center which connects Miami Beach, has rocked the city.

The union president of the Miami police, Armando Aguilar said there seems to be similarity between this case and other recent in which “Bath salts “are involved. “People taking off their clothes, people suddenly have superhuman strength, become violent and are burning inside,” said Aguilar.

He revealed that in one case, a subject was walking naked and was hit by a taxi driver. The man jumped onto the car roof and it took 15 officers to subdue him. The man ignored last Saturday by a person who claimed to witness the act of cannibalism, when passing by on his bike instead urged him to release the victim. “

The guy was like tearing the other with his mouth. he said, ‘Get out of there. “The guy kept eating the other, tearing the skin,” said Larry Vega at WPLG channel. Vega called police and when an officer arrived and tried to stop the subject, he just growled and continued devouring the other man lying on the floor, also naked.

The policeman had to use his service revolver and shot him the first time, but the individual continued devouring the victim’s face and did not die from receiving multiple gunshots to the body. I “Never thought I’d see someone eating someone else. That was really scary,” said Vega. The terrible event was recorded by security cameras from The Miami Herald, whose headquarters are near the place where the event occurred. Authorities also are investigating whether both men were homeless.

The newspaper El Nuevo Herald said today that police source identified the victim as Ronal Poppo, 65.

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