U.N. Los Zetas cartel uses “blatant violence” to gain control

30 May
U.N. Los Zetas cartel uses “blatant violence” to gain control

The Los Zetas cartel uses “blatant violence” because it seeks to control not only the drug trade routes but whole territories, said the representative of the UN office on drugs in remarks published on Tuesday by the press.”

The Mexican and Central American experiences are showing us a new way of operation by organized crime. This organization (Los Zetas) is not satisfied with controlling the routes, but are concerned about controlling the majority of territories in the country, “said Antonio Mazzitelli, the representative office of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

Mazzitelli said the Los Zetas criminal group led by former military deserters “tries to gain hegemonic control of the illegal criminal markets and where they control and maintain their own law through blatant use of violence.”

The UN official said that while criminal groups try to hide their mafia structure the bodies of their victims are proof of the crimes they commit, “the Zetas, to the contrary, they show their atrocities.”

“They use violence because they want control of the territory and thus have to prove they have the ability to impose their law,” he said in remarks in Cancun, hosting a technical meeting with representatives across America to develop a regional framework against organized crime.

“Hence the use against media violence,” Mazzitelli said in relation to the large number of killings of journalists, where the Zetas try to control and manage the information disseminated about drug trafficking in recent years in the country.

Regarding the Sinaloa cartel, led by the powerful drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and bitter rival of the Zetas, he said, they “are a multinational organization for drugs which is limited to drug trafficking without trying to control the territories.”

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